Thomas Glen Wilson Anadarko Petroleum Engineering Contractor

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Thomas Glen Wilson is on the game WWF2 as Thomas W. He says he is from Berlin and living in San Diego. A widow whose wife died from cancer with one son. Thanks to OneThirdCultureKid I learned that he can't even name his "son". My intention was to find a proper oil rig scam, but he has the Nigerian script and he has no intention of wavering from it.

I have no intention of answering his scripted questions. That is all he wants, his script and when you answer he doesn't understand. We exchange some talk and a photo each, the next day.

Him: Hello Edit

Me: G'day

Him: What are you doing?

Me: I'm at work in my office

Him: Oh really that's nice

Him: Are you at home?

Edit: Seriously? No! I'm going to do this with an idiot. But I'll play along with this kid. Next,

Him: Hello Edit how was your day going?

Me: Hello, it's 6 am so just starting and how are you?

Him: I'm pretty good

Him: Great and how has your day been?

Him: Did you do anything special today?

Me: I guess you don't understand what I just said

Me: Even worse you answer a question with an unrelated question

Me: Are you stressed?

Him: No I'm not

Me: Then I'll ask

Me: I said it was 6 am. That is the start of the day, I just woke up and there's a whole day ahead.

Him: Oh really

Me: So, why would you ask a daft question like "have you done anything special today"

Edit: It really is 6 am for me so I just decided to take him on. He goes into a flap, he has the script now it goes totally wrong.

Him: I just ask

Him: Send me a photo of your car?

Him: Please!!

Me: No

Me: I've a question for you

Me: Who is Nicolai ****?

Him: Can you drive?

Him: I don't know him

Me: Well you should. That is the name of the man in the picture of you that you sent me

Him: No that's not my name

Him: My name is Thomas Glen Wilson

Edit as he flaps about his name

Me: No it is Nicolai **** here see for yourself

Him: No that's not me

Him: I'm telling you the truth Thomas Glen Wilson is my name OK...

Edit: Insert the picture of the innocent man I send back to him

Me: That is the picture you sent me and it is NOT Thomas Wilson

Him: I think that's someone using my picture to scam you

Him: I'm for real

Him: I think that person is a scammer please block that person now.

Me: Since when did Google scam? Sir, that is YOU using someone else's picture to scam me!

Him: As I'm speaking to you right now.....???????

Me: I'm not blocking Google, their search engine is the best in the world

Him: Block that person, believe me

Him: I'm for real

Him: Let's move on

Him: Who's your mentor.....????? The script and total denial

Me: No you are not. Do you even understand? I can't block a Google search

Me: No, with you it is daft question after daft question. I'm talking with someone young

Him: Alright let's move on

Him: Forget about that

Me: Who do you contract for?

Him: I'm a engineer contractor

Him: Please let's move on....????????

Him: I'm tired.....????

Me: That doesn't answer my question. Again, who do you contract for?

Him: ?????

Me: Again, you do not understand. If you contract, you have a contract with a corporation. Which one?

Him: brb

Edit: Maybe he really doesn't understand. 2 hours later

Him: Hello

Him: I'm work under Anadarko company

Me: It took you 2 hours to figure that out?

Him: That's what I contract for

Me: How can that be when the Anadarko company ceased to exist in 2019? (Full disclosure I'm reading Wikipedia)

Him: So who is your mentor...????? The beloved script!

Me: How can you work for a company that hasn't existed for 2 years?

Him: 15 lines of text about his father being his mentor

Me: How can you work
for a company that hasn't existed for 2 years?

Me: Who is Nicolai the man in the picture you sent me?

Him: I don't understand

Him: Who's Nicolai?

Me: Yes you do. You, whoever you may be, are not the man in the photo you sent me and you work for a company that no longer exists. Who are you? (Full disclosure, Occidental own it)

Him: Who told you that...go on you can check it on the net....the company is still functioning and that's where I am working

Me: No the company is not. If you are using this app, you have a browser, open it, search your photo and the man is not called Thomas Glen Wilson.

Him: How can you tell me the company I'm working for is no longer in existence can you listen to yourself....

Him: And I have no idea of what man you're talking about

Him: You're confusing me

Me: Well that is because you are just lying to me. No sir, you are confused about yourself.

Him: Who told you I'm lying to I now look like a liar to you right....before you lay your accusation finger on me...why not try to confirm first

Him: I can't just come up with a photo which is not really need to get to know me better

Me: Put a sock in it sport. You are not the man in the picture you sent me. His name is Nicolai and Anadarko company. Well, you figure it out.

Him: I still don't get any of it....maybe you need to do your research very well...we're in partnership with chevron company....before you say such thing you need to be sure....and now you're saying I am not me....why would you say such awful things to me...

Him: I'll advice you go do your research very well...I'm having a mood swing now because of what you said to me

Me: How can that be? Anadarko ceased as a company in 2019 after Chevron were outbid on the acquisition of it. Chevron have nothing to do with Anadarko company

Him: Do you even know what you're talking about???

Him: I won't go into another argument with you on this I'm really ****** off

Me: Yes I clearly do and you do not. I've better things to do than waste my time with a liar

Him: Stop calling me a liar....what's it with you....I really can't explain anything to you...well it seems you're not in the mood to chat...but don't ever call me a really don't know what you're talking about... Now I know

Me: Well you say you work for a company that ceased 2 years ago and you are sending me pictures of a different man

Me: By any definition, those are lies

Him: I have been working with this company...for the past year's's surprising how you talk to you've been here or worked here before now....this is my work I'm telling you about...and it pisses me off to get such awful words from're calling me a liar about something you know nothing about

Me: Well, liars always deny. That's what you are doing now. I've shown you the photo you sent is of a man called Nicolai. Not Thomas.

Me: Occidental Petroleum outbid Chevron for Anadarko. You can't have worked there for "years" and not known anything about that.

It took him 2 hours to figure out which oil company he worked for and couldn't even remember a thing about it when he tried to tell me. I want to run his scripted questions and I stuck to my "script". 2 questions, why his photo was of a different man and who he worked for.

We still have a game on WWF2 and I did block him on Hangouts. I last saw 17 unread texts on the game and muted it. The above happened in about 20 hours and I'm sorry I did not get the full details of his alias or more photos. He sent one of a dog called George and it is attached.

He just denied, ignored or did not know what I was talking about.

Email he is using:

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