Think With Your Head

by Bronze Goddess

The house he is building for me

The house he is building for me

So my millionaire was supposed to leave the oil rig on December 20. He asked my ring size and address.

I did like they all do and pretended I did not see the question. I did not respond.

They do that a lot. They gloss over any questions they don’t want to answer or don’t gave answers for. I told him I would be on a job assignment out of the country until December 19, and I was going December 9. So what do you think happened two days before I left for my trip? Which was actually more pleasure than business.

I received a lengthy email saying he and his crew were working and there was an explosion on the rig! Two or three of them died in his arms. He was in the clinic but was recovering. Worrying about replacing the equipment in time for him to get here so we can marry.

I said so sorry to hear. Get well soon. Before I left for the airport he said they assessed the damages and it would cost six figures to repair or replace!! I needed to help him because he could not access his accounts from the high seas. And the company won’t pay him until he repaid this equipment.

Maybe the other guy was right - maybe I am cold hearted. I told him no and that it was not my problem and it does not make sense that he would have to pay for that. He tried many different ways to persuade me.

He even gave me a link with account number and login. I pulled it up on a public computer - not on mine and tbat account allegedly held about $28million on US funds. Had his name and personal info but only his house number without the street name.

He said he was Italian - I said a couple of phrases which he seemed to have no clue what I was saying. I have Italian friends.

My reason for this post. He sent a photo of a Man lying in bed in a hospital and wanted me to believe it was him. I asked who it was because the man in the bed only resembled him in that he had white skin! Then he said it was one of his crew and that he was in a coma.

I hate liars more than I do thieves!!!

I refused to let him into my heart thank God. No mobey has gone out to any of these guys.


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Mar 17, 2019
What feo I do
by: Anonymous

I had this happen too. Do we contact FBI or will they do nothing?

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