Think Kirby salesperson damaged our vacum

by Simone
(Kirwan, QLD, Australia)

Avoid at all costs. We were lied to over the phone about the conditions of entry into our home. Felt sorry for the salesperson so we let them in. Salesperson came and did demo. We explained we could not afford such an expensive system.

The salesperson then offered to take our Dyson as a trade in to reduce the price. The answer was still no. Upon using our vacuum cleaner for the first time since their visit I could see punctures in the rubber tube that transports the dirt, dust and debris on the head of he vacuum. The rubber tube itself is not brittle or weak and the punctures are jagged and do not look like a tear.

We did leave the demonstrator alone with our vacuum for a little while so we did not see it. But our vacum cleaner had no damage before the demonstration so we are very suspicious.

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