They Lie to get IN the Door

by K Hunter
(Snohomish, WA, USA)

Had a young lady come to our house to offer to steam clean our carpets in one room. I kept saying no, to which she said it would only take 30min max.

She never said this was about a vacuum let alone a sales pitch. The offer was to steam the carpets and hopefully be so impressed that we would praise their work and spread that message by word of mouth.

Imagine my surpise when two people show up with a Big box...and proceed to build a vacuum in my living room.

The young salesman was really nice (I imagine he's not there anymore). The manager, what a b*tch. She was abrasive, condenscending and completely out of line.

THe 30 minutes turned into 2 hours (Because they wouldn't come back to pick the salesman up!!). At one point, the manager showed up un-expectadly and attempted to enter rooms where I had shut the doors...she left saying they would be back to pick up the guy.

He knew I was not going to buy...and was empathetic to boot. He apologized for the manager who he claims had actually cost him sales with her rude behavior.

In the end I turned them down flat, because HELL NO I'm not paying 2,300 for vacuum....not even the 1,800 or 1,600 which they desperately tried to explain was a my ONE TIME chance to get the machine for such a steep discount.

We bought a Dyson.

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Apr 28, 2015
Don't let them in!
by: Anonymous

The first guy came by and said they would vacuum and shampoo my couches and rug for free...that there was no catch. They just get paid for doing these free cleanings.

I agreed, and 10 minutes later a different guy and woman came and spent the next 3 1/2 demonstrating the machine.

They half ass cleaned one of the cushions. Took a few swipes across the ceiling and walls, gathering dust on little filters. I think I lost my mind after all that time and eventually agreed to trade in my shark and shampooer. I still ended up paying $2800 after that, and somehow they made me feel like it was a good deal.

Right after they left I felt sick.

I found the exact machine on amazon and craigslist for $300. We called to return it, and they took their sweet time calling us back. Then gave us the pity party talk about how now the salesgirl will lose credit for her last five sales. Well, she shouldn't be working for a company that treats her so unfairly.

And I certainly don't want to support a company that treats their employees so unfairly. And don't complain to me that now she won't get a vacation...we all get to make decisions as to how we spend our money.

Perhaps I want to use that $2800 to take my own family on a vacation. The sales guy said he will come by today or tomorrow for the return. If he doesn't we will call our credit card company to file a fraudulent charge.

Hopefully it won't cme to that. I just get more angry the more I think about it.

Wish I hadn't opened the door for them.

Jan 17, 2013
Shut 'Em Down
by: Anonymous

I have been selling Kirby vaccums for twelve years now and the vast majority of my customers are happy with their machine and the distributor here in our home town.

As long as we live in a country where there is freedom of choice there will be salespeople. Maybe we should pass a law banning door to door sales, fire the 5,000 Americans that manufacture Kirby vacs and shut down the factory.

Then we won't need a finance company to tote the note, we can close that down too. Then we can all go down to Walmart, which is now owned by the Japanese by the way, and buy our $60.00 vaccum that is made in china.

Nov 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

Our '10 minutes' turned into over an hour! The guy and girl were nice enough but the price for the vacuum was WAY TOO MUCH!!!!

We wanted to help her out with a '10 minute' demonstration but after 30 minutes or so I was getting tired of hearing about it. My husband and I were respectful and nice to her but finally she called the guy to come pick her up because we were not going to buy one.

Did not appreciate the '10 minutes or so' the guy mentioned as that seemed a bit deceptive obviously. The vacuum had more attachments than I would ever use plus the price for just a vacuum was ridiculous.

I only pay maybe $50 or $60 for mine! Don't feel pressured to by it readers!

They are trying to make a sale and make $$$$$$$$$$$'s! You will be stuck paying for something you really didn't want!


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