They are getting nothing

by Sharon
(Monroe Wa)

About two weeks ago I was carrying in groceries. 2 young girls approached me and said, "CAN WE HELP YOU IN WITH GROCERIES?" Did I say sure why not? They explained they wouldn't be picked up by their ride if they didn't do one more free cleaning? I said on what? They said we are giving away a free carpet cleaning?

I said you can clean mine. They came in and then said, we need to go tell our lead where we are? I said ok. Next 5 guys and the girls came in, then my husband. He said who is this? I said they want to sell us a Kirby? He said no way. But they wouldn't leave. My husband was intoxicated. They said they were hungry. so, of course, I started cooking.

All 5 ate my food. They did a 5 min demo and said we can't sell to husband while intoxicated.
They asked if I work? I said in am on lni. they got my info and came back 3 days in a row. I couldn't get them to leave, they never cleaned a thing till 3rd day, the boy cleaned one car seat and gladly took $40.00 for it. Now they are coming back wanting my husbands pay stubs???????

We called and said come get this piece of junk. Now we have heard nothing but I still don't want this thing, where can I dump it

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