These men are Nigerian scammers!

by Anonymous

Ladies here are the handsome, charming men you are talking with. They are young Nigerian men who work for bosses. They are recruited to scam women. They are given food and alcohol and some money. The men you are talking to are not who you think they are.

These scammers use pictures of other men. They start out talking then will quickly profess their love and ask for money because they’re in some kind of bind.

They all claim to have money, but cannot access it at that time. Please stop talking to these men. They are all scammers.

Do not send them money!

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Dec 10, 2021
Beware they are very good
by: Anonymous

My scammer used photos right from the Instagram page of Richard Mofe-Damijo, a Nollywood star. He worked me for months saying all the right things. They are very good. This went on for months and I ended up losing thousands thinking I was investing in a legitimate Bitcoin site

The company refused to refund my money invested. They even have perfected websites to look legitimate. They do avoid video chat; however, he somehow disguised himself for our very first video chat to look like the actor Richard Mofe-Damijo.

I have reported this to the FBI and the SEC.

Feb 23, 2021
Re: These men are Nigerian Scammers
by: Anonymous

The Nigerian men ARE scammers. I have video chatted with a few of the young men. They will show you disgusting apartments, lack of food, IV’s supposedly hooked up while telling you diseases they have caught to play on your sympathy.

Do not believe one word from their mouth. They live pretty good and support their families while not giving a damn about your financial welfare.

They have had women sell their houses, mortgage their houses, sell their vehicles, empty their bank accounts. They have also requested Amazon gift cards, ITunes gift cards, VISA gift cards, bitcoin, steam cards, etc.

They will take every last dollar you have plus they will request more suggesting you take out personal loans.

Please ladies, they do NOT love you! You are a victim. Block them from your life. Use Yandex, Tineye, fotoforensics, etc to match photos up to. There are stolen photos of innocent men being used to steal your heart. Even their words are scripted.

Do NOT be fooled. These men do NOT love you, they are NOT your friends.

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