The scam part about Primerica

by Tom
(Chicago, Ill)

The following is a script from a Primerica recruiting training video. Bear in mind, the historical average of policies sold per rep has remained around 2 1/2 annually since 1977. Also, according to their annual reports, the average rep recruits just over 2 people per year, and 84% of them leave before getting licensed;

“Hi John, I’m excited that you and your wife are getting involved with us. I wanted you to know that if you follow our system, every goal and dream you have can and will be accomplished. Within 60 days from now you will be trained and licensed, along with 1, 2, maybe even 3 or more licensed trained people with you as well as several others who will be on track to do the same thing. You’ll have an unlimited number of appointments to go on because of all the new recruits coming onto your team that need to be field trained, and be in a position to earn $2,000 to $5,000 per month in income outta the gate. You’ll be in a position to be RVP within 6 months or so, probably go RVP in 12-18 months (so you’re mature enough in the business to be one) and make $30k-$50k your first year, and make $150k-$250k plus your second year.”

Is there any wonder why they are called a scam?

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