The Face of a Nigerian Oil Rig Romance Scammer

by Biggles777

A Nigerian Oil Rig Romance Scammer

A Nigerian Oil Rig Romance Scammer


Mark Donad aka Mark Donald has been running romance scams for years based in Nigeria. I came across him on WWF2 and exposed his scam elsewhere on this site, it is linked below;

I don't block but refused to talk after he asked for money and I j=had the details of the scam. He says he is Edafe Diamond one of five children living with his mother. He has a tale of woe and misfortune about his life and a 3 year old child.

You may want to know how I made him own up, below is an edited email exchange between my alias and "Edafe"

Him: Hello honey how are you doing today?

Me: What do you want man who can't spell his surname right?

Him: What the hell are you talking about?

Me: Mark Donad or Mark Donald. Which is it? You can't even spell your own name

Him: What are you talking about? Is Mark Donald okay..... Don't treat people that care about you this way okay...I care about you so much

Him: Can you please give me a chance to prove my innocent to the world? Can we video chat tonight please...I just want you to know how much you mean to me *****

Me: Is Mark Donald what you're saying it is today? Seems it changes quite often. I'm not in Brisbane and you'll never front up in this country as our borders are closed indefinitely so no one is coming or going anywhere.

Me: You're not an American national, your identification is confirmed as fake by the US State Department.

Me: I know which country you're in and it's a long way from anywhere you said you were or claimed to be. You'll never admit to it so stop wasting my time with your fluff and blah, blah.

Me: I have resources available to me and use them. You sir, lie, cheat and deceive for a living. If you had the balls to own up to who you really are you'd find I'm a very fair and equitable woman. I'm a man :-)

Him: No, I'm not. Lying or claimed to be someone else to you *****, your security lied about don't have to listen to people but try to confirm things yourself okay....I know how busy you are with your job and all you have is your ****** *******, if you give me a chance to prove my innocent to you ***** I can make it home with you by flying out to your country, I know the virus has cost a lot of damages to the world but I promise I can make it home to see you in person okay.....I confirm things myself about flying to Australia and it can only be done by taking a private jet not transportation plan okay...I want you to know that I'm far from whatever people told about me okay

Edit: We're bluffing each other

Me: No. You are not an Australian national and private jet or not our government will not permit you entry, no matter what. As for your private jet, another fantasy of yours. Just cut the fluff okay?

Me: Your Halliburton ID is a fake and that company confirms no one by your name works for them.
Me: Your US Passport is a fake and the State Department of the United States Government has confirmed that.
Me: Your German ID is meaningless and can be downloaded from the internet in 5 seconds flat.

Me: Sir, don't you bull**** me anymore. Enough is enough from you. Again, if you had the balls you'd just tell me who you are as I know what country you reside in and you don't work in the oil industry.

Him: What are you talking about? All this are irrelevant investigation towards me just want to know the truth and everything about me right?

Me: That's right when you get called out on your bull**** you can't handle the truth. How's life in that ******** called Nigeria? That's where criminals like you belong!

Him: well my name is Edafe and my surname is Diamond.. I'm originally from Nigeria born and brought up here.

His last reply is edited as it is very long and some of my bluffing is also edited.

I've lost count of how many I've exposed as Nigerians but this shows that if you just ask common questions they'll fess up. I don't believe all he said and attached are 4 images. Make of it what you will.

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