The engineer Kurt William

by Trudi Balmer
(Uttwil Switzerland)

Dear ladies. He is nice and charming and behaves a little, as he could not tarnish any waters. He says he is of Italian descent by the name of William. Of course a widower, of course a child whose mommy you should become like.

He wants to marry you right now and buy a Villa because he's a millionaire 60 million, but he loses his wallet, then he needs money for the flight ticket to put the banking stuff in order. He gets sick quickly one day and then his stupid guys make his drill broken and he has to get a service man from Japan, of course still without money and he is a 60 million man who does not even have a credit card.

He orders you to do what I tell you otherwise I'm not happy with you anymore. They try to brainwash their victims.

Ladies do not do it! They are stupid men lying on the ground writing thousands of such messages and do not even know with whom they write!

I was able to jump off now. Words like:

I love you from the moon and back
I love you more than my life
I would rather live in hell than without you

Such words were written to me daily and I stupidly believed them.

He was a businessman and he could afford it.

Trudi from Switzerland

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