The bottomline of the ACN Scam

by Roger

Ok, so the bottomline of the ACN scam is this: The only way to make money is to maintain a continual stream of new recruits.

This entails continual effort, time, and money. Even if you do eventually reach a level of success, you will STILL have to keep going to the same, repetitive, boring meetings and seminars week after week, month after month.

It's only those SVP's at the very top that can rely on those under them to do most of the continual grunt work that is required to attract new business and keep current reps from dropping out. Only the top people can relax.

Let's now take a real life example which illustrates the point--ME! My mentor got my friend and his wife to sign up, then my friend signed me up under them. That's three signups right there.

My mentor put a lot of time into us, but he got nobody else to sign up under us. Since we got locked into a two year contract we'll have to pay for the services for two years! That sucks for us, but eventhough we are locked into a contract, my mentor doesn't make anything...or at least only a few pennies (literally).

The only people making any money off of me and my friends are the people above my mentor, who did little to no work to get us signed up. Even if my mentor becomes a huge success in a couple years (which is
how long it normally takes), me and my friends will have discontinued our services completely, as we have already quit ACN.

The point is that even if you sign people up, and even if THEY sign people up, you may still never make ANY money off of them because they'll eventually quit. And since 98% of people quit within the first 2 years according to the stats, how are you ever going to maintain a sizeable customer base to accumulate residual income?

The ONLY way is to continually be recruiting new reps, pyramid scheme style. Remember that pyramid schemes REQUIRE a constant flow of new suckers or they will implode. That's why when the recruiting stops, everyone quits. And recruiting is the hardest thing I've ever done.

It is a degrading, awkward experience to say the least.

Now ACN itself may not implode any time soon because it is controlled by the ONLY people who make any money from it. It's an ingenious scheme, it really is. But if you truly understand what I am getting at in my example then you'll see the futility of accumulating customers and employees under you when you make no money from it and they just end up quitting eventually anyway.

Everyone always says they'll stay with it and they won't accept failure, I know I did. But the stats speak for themselves. Most people quit, and those that stay in just take longer to lose their money and waste their time.

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