Team National

by Kathy thompson
(Arab, Alabama)

I went to one of their meetings to "learn how to increase my revenues and save money."

The entire meeting was a rah-rah for Team National and at no time did they actually tell me how to increase my revenues, but they did push really hard to get people to join.

They even separated the people that attended and did a two on one with some people. I left and haven't looked back.

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Avoid. old buyers club nonsene.
by: Anonymous

They are trying to separate you from $2200! This is one of the oldest scams in the MLM playbook.

The buyers club. Huge discounts!!! Not really.

Run of the mill bargains and lots of hassle. Don't forget the hidden fees and out of town meetings for the true suckers. Keep your money.

Lets clear the air
by: Anonomous

From the sound of it, you own some type of business. The reason I say this is because you were looking to increase your revenue and save money with your business.

The way to increase business revenue is more customers, am I right, and the way to save money is purchasing items for your business, that you have to purchase to continue doing good business, at a lower cost, correct?

Not sure of which meeting you went to, but If I owned a business before I joined, It would be a no-brainer. I can get items at a cheaper price delivered to my business which gives me more time to put forth my business.

I'm just not understanding what is so hard about understanding the concept. I also see that you are from Arab and I am a member with a great team in Huntsville. I am available to answer any questions you may have.

Just shoot me an email. I won't try and get you to buy a membership. Just would like to clear-up the confusion.

I will be notified if you reply. Looking forward to hearing from you.

-Happy Consumer

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