Team National Scam

by Bonnie
(Russell Springs, KY)

We joined and thought it would be great. Found out our adult children were smarter than us. They would not join. Other day ordered a Samsung tablet from Office Depot on line to pick up at store. Did not hit submit order key so when got to store it was not available however they did have same tablet $40 cheaper if I bought it direct from store.

Sears Commercial discounts are a joke. Always quoted higher than on line. Just booked hotel with Choice Hotels and tried thru TN, $92. Same room with our Farm Bureau discount was $77.

They are a real scam and only the rich getting richer for those of us that fall for their sales pitch!

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by: Anonymous

We have been in Team National for almost 2 years. We saved more than our investment in 13 months, and that was without trying very hard. We saved on Home/Auto insurance ($800. a year) and the rest on everyday online purchases at Wal-Mart, Old Navy, school supplies, AT&T phone discount, etc. - stuff we were going to buy anyway.

No major purchases yet like mattresses, flooring, furniture, where the DEEP savings are. I am a very frugal shopper and it didn't take long to start getting rebate checks back in the mail. The only way the savings doesn't work is if you don't use it. Some items are higher, but Team National doesn't set the price, it only allows you to enter into a store's online inventory.

If it is higher online than at the store, it is the store's fault. Team National simply has an algorithm set up that lets the store talk to their home office to create your % discount. Pricing is SOLELY on the retail entity.

It's been a HUGE blessing to our family and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money for their family.

Yes you were scammed
by: Tom H

Sorry to hear that you were scammed by this creepy MLM Team national. The crux of the whole deal is separating you from the cost of the membership. As you found out there are no deals, no discounts, only disappointment. Just don't put anymore money or time into these scammers.

AVOID! Old buyers club pyramid scheme.

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