by Bob Fortenberry
(Spanish Fort, AL USA)

I have been with team national for 5 years. IT IS NOT A scam. It is totally legal. Pyramid schemes are not legal and you can do jail time for trying to build one.

We are now pushing 400 major stores. Over a million members, with our own co-branded master card. By using your credit card instead of writing checks each month, you can make your buy-in fee back within two years.

That is only one way to earn money. There are at least 5 more ways to earn money. It does not fall into your lap. You must work to build a downline, and GIVE them all the support they need in order for your downline to achieve success.

Try Team National, you will love it.

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by: Malcolm

2000 is not a ton of money, most people burn that in 6 months with no idea of what they spent it on. The problem is most people don't have vision to build anything. It's funny that we as Americans will buy a 30k car at 8% interest over 5 years, then as soon as you drive it off the lot it immediately loses half it's value. But we never say scam because it has a sunroof.

Most of Americans work jobs that they hate, make less money than they feel they deserve and is too broke to take the vacation they want. If you ask them what would they do for the opportunity to live the lifestyle of their dreams most of them would say "anything".

Well what if a 55$ start up fee and some hardwork and determination could give you that. Would you take it or would you keep working your dead-end job with no retirement plan and hope you don't run out of money before the next pay period?

I was making 120k a year when I was introduced to team national, I was looking for a way to save more of my hard earned money. And team national has been that way. so I'm very happy with my choice and my family is too.

Great way to lose money and friends!
by: Tom H

Team National is an old MLM/pyramid scheme buyers club. Big Bucks now for savings later. Ugh. Then you can hassle friends and family to be associates. Its just the same ole MLM over and over again.

Fact from their regulatory filing: 90.6% of affiliates earned less than $470 in 2015. Yeah great way to earn extra money. Pay $2200 now plus lots of hidden fees for website, meetings, material. Then work your butt off, irritate your contact list to make $200-$400 per years. Ugh.


Be wary.
by: Anonymous

You make money for recruiting more people, who recruit more people. There is no sale of a physical product with commission, only a discount website.

Many of these discounts can be utilized through typical coupon codes or shopping at the right time and place. Sure it could be useful to some, but $2000+ is a ton of money and this is the only source of "revenue" for the company to maintain existence.

If you stop recruitment, the business falls apart; this is the definition of pyramid scheme.

The big "selling point" is the vehicle discounts, but anyone with half a brain for dealing with salesman know that you can get this 1-2% discount simply by walking off of the lot one or two times.

It's a shame to see my parents sucked into such a business, where you don't stop trying to recruit friends and family.

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