Team National is hard work

by Eric

I've been a member for a couple of years now and can tell you its not a scam, but its hard work! I started thinking I could make a living from it, but now its a part time job for me and I had to go back to my regular job.

What I didn't like was selling hard to all my family and friends. After a while they would see me coming on the street and avoid me.

When I called on some folks in my neighborhood, other sellers had gotten there first cos there was already sellers in my area but they didn't tell me!

So don't go thinking you are getting rich quick as it aint that easy. You have to sell to everyone you know first. So go in with your eyes open.

There are easier ways to make money!

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Its a MLM pyramid scheme.
by: Anonymous

Of course people cringe when they see you coming. Who wants the hard sell on a scam? Most folks are able to see past this nonsense.

You actually summed it all up. Its all about selling this membership and creating your down line. The very essence of the pyramid scheme. I know we call them MLM's now because they offer a "product" this one being a dubious discount and referral programs.


Follow the Plan
by: Anonymous

You can keep your friends. Just go by the Game plan. Ask them are they open for more information. If not, that's the end of it. If so, carry on with the plan. Simple.

Well said
by: Sarah

Yeah I had a similar experience. Don't do it if you want to keep ya friends!

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