Taken for a ride by a fake soldier

The sad part is that I fell in love with his picture. I lost over $13,000.00 because I loved someone who does not even exist. He went by the name Anthony Woods.....now using another photo as Anthony Wooddss.

I have found the real soldier who is in reality former Sgt. Stuart James living happily married in TN with his oh so young wife & their newborn child. This has psychologically done a cruel emotional thing to me.............I keep obsessing over the real soldier and yet I know NEVER to contact him as it would be wrong.

He too is a victim and does not need to be bothered while enjoying his new family.
Nine months have gone by and I thought I was doing well. I was wrong as I have lapsed back into total sadness & depression. I am trying to stay away from the internet in general as I have since had 2 more scammer creatures trying to lure me into their trap......Sam Horvath & Stephen Martin Murphy.

Both found me on Facebook.

Stay alert everyone.......these horrible people are all over the internet looking for more victims.

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Jul 25, 2017
Re: retired Sgt Stuart James
by: Anonymous

While I endured my own hell over someone who stole Sgt James photos, I have total admiration and respect for the real man who I finally found online. He is real, a true gentleman who found a beautiful young woman who has given him total love and adoration for the man he is.

They are now married, and at age 50 became a father when his wife gave him a beautiful son. I so wish that the creatures out there would please leave this man alone ..... allow him to live his life as it should be,...in peace and total joy with his new family.

I would love to meet retired Sgt James and his wife in person, but this will never happen I am sure. Regardless, I wish them a lifetime together in love and total happiness. May those who stole his pictures answer to their own karma, which will not be pleasant.

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