Suspected Romance Scammers

by Anonymous

There is a man named Thomas Bruch Ray, who is chatting with me on Skype:tombruch103, Yahoo; He said to be a Marine Engineer in Alabama Ship Company in Florida, but he said he is now assigned in Australia with this company name:Australia marine company, Australia Marine Services Pty Ltd.

He has a son living in Germany with his sister Elvira Margarethe Erna Neblicth. The name of his son is Thomas Joseph Ken Bruch. He said that he is a widow and his wife had died in a car accident in Florida. He give this home address in Florida:

175 NW First Avenue, Miami, Florida 33128. I have his pictures with his son but how can I post them here? This man had promised me to come in the Philppines to see me last Nov.30,2015 but it was postponed to December 29,2015.

It was postponed again because according to him he was confined in the company hospital in Australia. Now he is promised again to come by Holyweek. He said that he is about to send to me a big amount of Euro to purchase a house and I just need to send to the bank an amount of 200euro as charges to obtain the Bank Verification Number to be able to transfer the funds to my account in the Philippines because his funds was deposited in escrow account in Germany bank.

Kindly verify if you encounter such name.

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Feb 10, 2018
View source message
by: Anonymous

With yahoo email address, you can check on the source message in which the IP address is indicated. Gmail does not provide such information so that it is unable to detect a location where a sender is from.

However, all suspicious emails should be kept including Gmail. If the local police or FBI see a case serious crime then IP address of Gmail will be disclosed.

Mar 07, 2016
Confirmed Romance Scammer
by: Anonymous

Hello there, the man named Thomas Bruch Ray is confirmed a scammer. I have researched his photos and I've found out that his photos are just stolen from other site. He has a new facebook account right now with the same name Thomas Bruch Ray.

So ladies please do not add to your fb friends this name.

Thanks a lot.

Feb 18, 2016
The guy
by: Terri

Hello! I just want to warn you about this scammer. He has more than one name, and he is lying to you. All he is wanting is money, and you will never meet him.


This is the same story that millions of other women have also. These people are usually from Nigeria. It is their career to con as much money as possible from unsuspecting lonely women. The pictures are not of him or the boy. They have been stolen from someone elses profile.

I have been approached by close to 100 of these scammers. Do not trust what you are being told by a man you have never met.

You will know its a scam when they ask for money.

Good luck to you!

Feb 18, 2016
do not send any money
by: Anonymous

This is a scam, big big scam. Do not send the Money by no means!

Scammers people are master of getting your confidence to get all the money they can. This one that contact you is a pro, for he has shown his own face. At least you know how he looks like.
Do not play his game. Turn it around. Tell him you had an accident and you need money to pay the endurance fee or something like that and if he is kind enough to help you with some money.

This will show his true colors. Once I was contacted by a "British engineer who told me he was sending a case with a big amount of money, and a gold watch, a lap top, a wedding ring and he even send a bill of the purchase of the parcel. Then I got a call from Indonesia telling me that the parcel were detained there and that I needed to sen $700.00 in order to have it delivered to my country which is in central America.

I immediately contact him and told him to send me that money and $50.00 more to pay a local fee

He was furious with me and never got in contact with me ever again. I hope you haven't sent any money just yet. Block his contact and stay away from him.
Good luck

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