by Rigby
(Frenchtown, MT)

Like an idiot I agreed to a free carpet cleaning from a telemarketer. What was I thinking? Guy spent 2 hr talking and vacuuming my living room carpet leaving numerous filter disks of dirt and debris as evidence our current vacuum was doing a poor job.

I left the room, came back and there were dirt spots on the carpet that salesman said are stains that show after the dirt had been vacuumed away.

I called off the cleaning because shampoo had chemical I didn't like. Told him I am not in market for new vacuum. It took 1/2 hour for him to repackage his demo machine to look like it had never been used.

I later noticed that two 'stains' were in shape of a persons hand! He obviously put dirt on my previously clean carpet for the cleaning demo.

Now my carpet Is dirty!

Maybe not a scam. Definitely dirty sales tactics!

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