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(Waukesha, wi)

They are a bunch of losers. They told me I was getting hired to be a house cleaner and to clean carpets.

They even lied to me about their company name and made up some bs cleaning company name.

I was unemployed so I fell for the bs. Luckily I only wasted eight hours of my life with them, and I will never see any money from them either, as I said I had to go to the bathroom and bolted the hell out of there.

Don't fall for it like I did - please dont.

Because then you will be wasting more of your life reading and writing about how they are losers.

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May 18, 2016
Stay Away
by: Adam

No, Kirby itself is not a scam and do put out a high quality product. However, it appears that the way many of these individual distributors do business is by scamming their own employees. I never saw a red cent from any of my sales or the fourteen 12 hour days.

The 'managers' encourage their salespeople to lie, steal sales and misrepresent incentives to string along new employees - until the guy wasting his time trying to sell a 400 dollar machine for 2300 realizes he's trapped inside a pyramid.

Trent and Rusty Custard, yes, his name is Rusty Custard, will take your time and money, and lie to your face.

Jan 30, 2014
Same Experience
by: Anonymous

Answered an ad saying they were hiring for set up and display. Went through the training only to find out on my first actual day in the field, I would have to knock on doors and pitch myself in to demonstrate it.

There were no appointments being set. From what I saw there was not much probability of making the required amount of sales or demos to see any money . Also if the product is so good, why lie about what you are doing in the first place.

Free gifts, services or trips the salesman can win are just unrealistic and lies.

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