Steve McCall St.Mcall Instagram Oil Rig Scam Gulf of Mexico

by Jane
(United States )

So this guy requested to follow me on Instagram. I usually do not accept strangers but he was kinda cute. He messaged me and I didn’t immediatly reply. One day I was travelling for work and bored so I struck up a conversation with him.

We spoke for 3 months almost on the button. He said he was from Wisconsin. Two boys, divorced. Part Hungarian part American. Dad dies when he was young, kids lived with his mom in Colorado because of his travel for work. I was bored while travelling for months straight and played with him. He said he loved me a month after we started talking. Sent very romantic messages and songs. Broken English sounded Slovak or Belgium on the phone. Had a Houston number which he said was from his last job last January. But it comes back a burner phone.

I knew there was something up with this guy from the start but had no idea he was a Nigerian scammer or even that this existed. I played along for the three months as I was travelling for entertainment, which probably doesnt make me the nicest person considering at the time I didn’t know he was a scammer.

But anyways, he first asked me to send his kid a birthday present at the end of November. Wire transfer which I refused but did research the person he wanted me to send it to which was an 21 year old black male in Aurora Colorado. Info below. He then asked for a iTunes gift card for his computer because he ran out and needed to download a file. Refused. Lastly he quit his job for a contract on an oil rig which would make him 2 million dollars as the lead in the Gulf of Mexico.

He left rather quickly for this job and was suppose to be gone for a month. About 3 weeks in he stated that his drill broke and he needed a new drill head to get back up and running. Said it was 18k to buy and ship to the rig. It was a pretty ridiculous story and I was losing interest at this point. After 5 days of finally being broke down on the rig and him trying to raise money he only needed $3500 now for the shipping.

Sent me a tracking number and website for a shipping company that is bogus. See pics and info below. It took 5 days for him to ask for the money which I told him no. He gave me this 20 minute long babble on the phone about not
loving him and not being supportive and helping my man when he is begging. Long story short he hung up on me and the next day text me like nothing happened until I called him out on his behavior then he stopped responding.

I finally did a little more digging with the pictures he had sent me through google reverse search.....which I originally had done but nothing came back. This time I decided to change the country to search in due to his accent and bingo....found the actual Instagram profile for the guy the pictures belonged to. He lives in Norway. So I simply copied the profile link and sent it in a text message to him. Never heard from him again. Then I started researching oil rig scams and found this site.

So he did try to get me to download hangouts to text and call on and I questioned him why he couldn’t text and call from his cell like normal so he dropped that. Found out quickly though that he was texting me and calling me through and app called textme, User info below.

This guy is pretty smooth ladies. He really doesn’t miss a beat for the most part. Very acurate with his story. Remember it, your name and things you’ve told him. You would never know that he’s not a genuine guy unless your extremely untrusting like me.

Now there is a new guy on Facebook who tried friending me and I’m talking to for fun now nowing the signs of this scam and he is not as good. Lays it on way too thick and is all about the god fearing, which I am not. Also can’t keep the story straight and might be a women because there was a picture of a black women on under his profile which is newly set up and no friends but me. I’ll post his info in a minute.

Here is the info on Steve, who’s profile is still active. Instagram won’t do anything about it as I already tried contacting them and they will only let the person who is being impersonated report it. I tried contacting the real person but they’ve never responded.
Text Me ID Oriawote4066

US based Wire Tranfer Friend in Colorado
George Jighere
21 years old
Aurora, CO
Have his full address is someone wants it.

Shipping Company Info
Diplomatic Courier Service
825 10th St Ste 202
Washington, DC 20001
Tracking# 187GAH18290n702Hns67208M

Website Owner Info
Ruth Dwelling
Ruth Training Scheme
No 4 Uvie Close
Warri, Delta, NG 2343
# 234.08166377377
Website opened 4/18/16
Expire Date 4/25/17

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Dec 27, 2017
by: Tammy Henson

I looked up the phone number hoping to find a name. I did find it was in Kemah, TX 77565 and it shows the street they live on as well but no name.

Dec 23, 2017
Great Info
by: Helpful Lady

Appreciate the info, pics and details. Wish all the victims would post pictures so we can compare scammers. Giving their names is not enough, as they change every time they connect with a new victim.

Dec 22, 2017
Steve McCall
by: Anonymous

You did great research!!!!


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