Steve McCall - Instagram - Oil Rig Scam Story - Username St.mccall

by Jane
(United States)

Instagram Profile Picture

Instagram Profile Picture

Well my story is very similar to many here. This guy asked to follow me on instagram and I thought he was kinda cute so I accepted. I don’t normally do that because I’m not trusting and for that reason I do not do the online dating thing at all because of the bad stuff that happens and I was not super friendly to him at first because of my hesitation but eventually warmed up. Long story short. This started in early September and just ended December 7th.

His name was Steve and he was a petroleum engineer from Wisconsin. One State from me. He was part Hungarian as his father was american and died when he was small and mother Hungarian and still alive. They moved to hungry after his dad died and he moved back to the U.S. when he was 21. He was divorced 4 years and had two kids Rex and Fred 4 and 10 who lived with his mom in Colorado because he travelled for work.

I was the perfect victim for him. I am a sucessful business women and shortly after we started talking I was just about to leave for 9 week of straight travel for work. Preventing us from meeting in person even though he was only a 4 hour drive from my house. We talked day and night, all night some times. We eventually started planning out time we would spend together once I was done traveling and what seemed like planning a life together. I was definitely falling for him but not completly in love with him. I cared as much as a person can care not ever meeting in person at this point. There were signs that made me question if he was real and I actually told him many times I was skeptical and would be until we met. I told him I’ve been hurt before and don’t trust people and have a it kind of amazes me he still pursued me knowing that. Anyway, small things happened like information he told me in the beginning was off when we talked later. Small red flags that now I wish I had went with my gut on. Then one of his sons had a birthday in October and he joked with me that I had to help him think of something he could get him that would say is from both of us. Not having kids I had no idea and he ended up telling me he just sent him money so he could pick something out. Then in joking said that his other sons birthday was at the end of November and since he took care of the first one I could get the next. To me it was a joke but this topic to remind me I had to send Rex a birthday present came up probably 20 times in conversation from October 20th- early November.

It annoyed me. He thought I should just send money but I was persistent that I wanted to get him a toy to send. After much back and forth I finally said I would send money in a card if he sent me his moms address, so he sent me a wire transfer information for George Jighere, Aurora, CO 80012. I told him no I was not comfortable wire transferring money. Being the skeptic I am already I googled George and found out he was a 21 year old black male in Aurora Colorado. Not the salt and pepper 40 year old male he had sent me a picture of recently.

I questioned this and almost ended it but thought in one month he will either show up to see me like he is suppose to or he won’t and I will know the truth. I don’t want to chance throwing this away in the small chance he’s real. So then next I’m on a business trip at dinner with one of my employees and he sends me a message mad and teliing me he just lost a important work file and asking if I can go get him an iTunes GC. I of course, did not and he dropped it. Next situation occurred when on November 13th he all of a sudden quit his job because he just was awarded a 2
million dollar contract from Shell on an oil rig and he was doing this independent not through his company.

This day was the start to the end of this all. Nothing he told me about this made sense. Needless to say we still had some communication, limited because he immediatly left for the rig on the 17th. The lack of communication and the difference in his tone started pushing me away a bit which in the end helped me emotionally when this all fell apart.

December 3rd is when the a drill bit broke on the rig and he needed 17k to buy and ship it to the rig and was all stressed out. He never asked for money at this point and I never offered. Was encouraging and supportive and told him to work it out. Once this happened I knew the question was coming and it did.....December 6th via text message he asked me for $3500 which is what he needed to get this bit there. He sent me a website and tracking number showing the bit was sitting at the shipping dock waiting to be sent once payment was received.

Being in the distribution business this website and tracking document looked phony. I refused to send money and told him I would emotionally support him through this but not financially and he got angry. We argued on the phone for 30 minutes that evening with him trying to guilt me into it and the phone disconnected because I kept saying no. It was official...he wasn’t real. To my suprise he texted me the next morning acting like nothing happened. He didn’t really push but tried to guilt me about the money again. When I told him I didn’t care about whether he had money and to just come home that was the end. I think he knew he wouldn’t crack me.

The day prior I had found this site and read others stories and new he wasn’t real. After our last text message I tried searching his pictures again because they had to belong to someone. I tried in the beginning when I met him and found nothing. Then I realized in the settings you could change location searches and mine was defaulting to my area....the U.S. so I tried a couple differnt countries because his voice sounded a bit Belgium/Slavik.

BINGO, there was his face starring back at me on another instagram profile for Sigurd Vedal. He has a ton of pictures including all of the ones I got including the pictures of the kids and his mother. I cried looking at this mans profile and seeing all of these pictures of this man I had been planning a future with.

After a couple of days now and a few tears, I’m fine and moving on but wanted to share my story hoping it will help someone else not get hurt. I emailed Sigurd that his ID was being stolen for this but never heard back. I’m also posting here and reported him to instagram as his account is still active and he’s still using it.

So this guy likes to message on Instagram but eventually will ask to go to hangouts so he can call you and text you on the phone through this if you ask him too. I questioned why he couldn’t just call and text me like normal on his phone so we never used hangouts just messaged on instragram and then he started texting me on my cell and calling but I eventually figured out he’s using the app “text me” to call and text because he sent a picture and it told me he sent it through there and gave me his user name.

He doesn’t sound Nigerian at all so I don’t know if he’s part of the Nigerian thing or off on his own. I’ve listened to several dialects and it’s defiantly a Belgium/slavik type mix. I have a short audio file as I recorded the first 2 minutes of our last conversation. So here is all the info I got from him and researched on my own.

Text Me: Oriawote4066
Phone: 281-603-2568

Walmart Money Transfer Pick-up person
George Jighere
12127 E Hawaii Dr
Aurora, CO 80012

LInk to phony website to show he needs money for delivery....
Tracking 187GAH18290n702Hns67208M

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