Sterling Bruce

by Anne

Claims his parents, wife and daughter are deceased. Claims to have 2 grandchildren who are in boarding school whilst he works on oil rigs in australia Northern Territory. Asks for amazon gift cards. This guy has no guilt, I’ve been investigating him for some days and he will prey on women’s vulnerabilities to scam money out of them (BEWARE)

Could possibly start using the name Richard as he states that’s what his friends call him. Claims to be from Denmark and moved to Louisiana. Uses words like you look like an angel in human form, you are so beautiful why are you single. Photos are actually of a guy named Allen Evans and his children.

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Jan 04, 2020
Re: Sterling Bruce
by: Wendy K

This man’s MO is identical to David Nathan’s whom I met on WWF in Dec 2018. Parents deceased, wife deceased, daughter deceased, and he is raising 2 granddaughters. He has granddaughters in boarding school and stay with a nanny between school sessions. David’s granddaughter’s names were Tracy and Sara.

I wonder what names Sterling Bruce is using. David played the wooing game perfectly though I had told him about previous men that tried scamming me and they didn’t get anything. Perhaps he thought he was smarter? He wanted $75,000 when a machine broke on a rig. He did not appreciate it when I said I needed to contact my lawyer and he would have to give her proof of his contract.

Along the way he bought me a $10.99 engagement ring and a 55" pink bear. When David and I parted online the atmosphere was more than frigid. The scammers are evil 👿 and don’t think different. They don’t care what financial hole they put people in.


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