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This guy wants me to believe he lives in Atherton, CA (near San Francisco), is an Israeli Jew, yet, his accent doesn't sound Israeli. And this week, he was just awarded a contact in Singapore for construction of a gas power plant. Seriously? Why would someone from the United States be awarded a contract for such a thing when they have plenty of people there?

And I've googled it--NOTHING in the works for such construction. We were SUPPOSED to meet on 10/18 and I already knew it WOULDN'T be happening because this sucker isn't REAL. Supposedly he's been working on this proposal for almost 9 months, went to Pittsburgh last week, and was just told Wednesday he got the contract.

Said he had to fly our to Singapore today (10/19)and leaving SF at 4pm, with a layover in Dubai, and landing in Singapore around 9am Sunday 10/21. (He originally told me it was 730am). Funny he calls me to tell me he forgot to pack his vitamins, and would I be so kind as to pick them up and ship them to him once he gives me an address.

Now we ALL know this is a TEST; to see if #1 I will do it (which I'm not going to) and #2---there'll be something once again I need to send to him and it's likely going to be something illegal that would come back on me.

Oh I'm going to wait until he gives me the address and wait a bit and then inform him that it's too costly for me to purchase and ship (WHICH IS TRUE) and they have a Target, Walmart, and GNC there in Singapore that he could obtain
his vitamins there (without having to wait so long as well, God forbid the man should wait up to 21 days for a shipment from California).

I've Googled his name and any way it can be spelled and while the name does belong to someone by that name (a few of them), NONE of them are of the pictures he has sent me. Also the calls I get are normally in the am (around 6.15am-7am) and then again SOMETIMES at night around 9-10pm. No contact normally throughout the day. He also has a VOIP phone number and every time he does call he always sounds the same and at times hard to hear me or vice versa, and sounds like I'm on either speaker phone or it echoes in the background.

Is he from Nigeria? Maybe maybe not. But I GUARANTEE he's a scammer of SOME SORT. Talked to me for about a week and "loves me". "Has fallen for me". HOW without meeting? Yeah right. Oh and the bonus? He so smoothly calls me "baby" or "that's my girl".

Met him through So WATCH OUT LADIES as he's gonna be back on there trolling once I lower the boom and this guy is SUPER SLICK.


I am SOOOOO sick of these manipulative scumbags doing every and anything to get their hooks into us and get free money-and laugh all the way to the bank when they're successful. S


They need to crawl back under whatever rock they came from and be taught as severe a lesson as is possible.

PLEASE REMEMBER THE NAME--STEPHEN ROBINSON GNAGY (definitely not a Jewish name by most standards)

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