Stay far away from this scam...

by Anonymous

Word at Arbonne is that the executives have been preparing for a possible sell-off, bankruptcy, or closure, or a bit of all 3. It will start with the closing of the Calgary branch. Arbonne is a pyramid level marketing scam, and I work for them so I should know.

Arbonne has some good products, most of which you can find under generic brand labels at 1/10th of the price. Believe me or not, they have become a sad joke of a company (and a worse employer) the past year or so. Ask any employee that you are truly friends with – no employee that works at Arbonne is currently happy, and many important people have already begun to jump ship.

Its a facade they are continually perpetuating as they’ve become a totally mismanaged mess that is going downhill fast. The VP and most of the executives should be fired for using company funds for their own pleasure i.e. kickbacks, embezzling, designer clothes/shoes/dresses, this list goes on. I would never invest a dollar in such a ponzi and tell all my friends to stay far far away.

I am totally ashamed to tell people that I work for them and have been sending out resumes the past few months in the hopes of leaving the company and its horrible management as soon as possible. Feel free to check out the definition of an MLM on wikipedia, its a glossy term to blind people with nice fancy wording, frankly they are a pyramid scam, in the truest sense of the word.

They pray on good people who want to make extra income, but who aren’t smart or driven enough to go about creating their own business. God help those who think otherwise, sadly you will find out the hard way. If that doesnt work for your do some research: Arbonne’s own income statement shows that over 86% of Consultants lose money with the Arbonne business model.

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