So-Called Engineer with teenager daughter seeking wife mom!!

by Linda
(Fort Worth)

I was not in the market. I wanted to play my game. So this engineer on a platform on the high seas, sees my pic and is immediately in love. Interviews me for a mother for his only daughter. Mother died a few years ago. Right).

He was about number 6 predator in a short amount of time. Started out asking me to send his daughter some iTunes cards. I asked how was she getting them before. He said this would show her that I care.

I said since she does not know me, it won't matter. No Money was Sent. After about a week I get this:

"sweetie. I have been in stress for the past days now, I don't know how to tell you this. I just read your message and I don't know how to ask you for help
I never mean to bother you. I have been having problem with my work here, the crane which I hired here to work was bad and by the terms and condition of the contract I signed with the company I hired it from was that I will repair the crane if there is any problem because it is a new crane and am the first person to hire this crane from them to use ... "

I went off on this buster. He removed his "name" from Words With Friends.

Name Used: Bryan Tyler

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