Skout girl (Joyce catalino) scamming me and other people I feel violated

This girl on Skout name Joyce Catalino has a really beautiful profile but pictures are very suspicious. I've been chatting with her for a week and she send me a beautiful pic every so often.

I send her pics of why she said she wants to visit and she can't pay all the way. She said so I started digging In I told her I ain't Manti Teo so give me your number so I can talk to you and hear your voice.

So I asked her about her phone and she tells me all I dropped it in the drink and something's wrong with the earpiece and the mouthpiece so I told her send me a pic since you like sending pics of you holding a piece of paper with my name on it.

Something simple and turned around and told me I'm tired I'll talk to you later and I knew already so please be looking at this.

Watch out I feel pretty violated I should have known better

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