Sketchy, but also not?

by Dylan
(Knob Noster, Missouri, usa)

Just dealt with this same scene. 4-17-2018. The scam was basically when they said they weren't selling anything, since it costs about 4700 for the vacuum, just paid per free clean. They stated 30 minutes, took about 4 hours, and constantly swapped reps throughout the night.

The people were kind from the start, until I sent them on their way. Sold me the product, but I didn't trust the deal, since it started out as we're not selling anything. I didn't have any negativity other than the "boss" coming by.

I told him I was interested, but the wife was not. He said " but you can buy it for you if she isn't interested". If he was true in saying he was married, he KNOWS BETTER lol.

Either way, it was false advertising, but the reps were never rude to me, just bummed out in the end.

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