Serge Micheal from WWF

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Hello. The name he used in June 2019 was Serge Michael. That changes as do the images he sends, he is a professional Nigerian scammer who is well educated and likely spends time in Lagos, London and the United States. The information here was gathered since June 2019 and I worked with a victim of his to obtain it. She deserves the credit here. More than one man is involved so this is real organized crime.

Unlike other posts I've made here I do not have the full scam. I know about the original. He is an oil rig worker who becomes stranded on his rig due to equipment failures. There are posts elsewhere on this site from October 2019 that show he is in hospital in the UK and needs 10,000 GBP to be discharged and free up his accounts that are locked.

He asks for payment to the Grandchaster Bank in the UK. It is a fake bank with a fake website. Reported to the Bank of England and the UK FSA. See this, it is fake, customercare@accessgrandchaster or

They change the IP, change the web server or simply delete the site.

He also asks for payments, gets them and launders the proceeds to two US bank accounts. These accounts are set up to move monies deposited within 10 minutes of the deposit being made. Both names are Nigerian identities.

Bank :Wells Fargo
Bank Codes: WFBI****
Account Name: Be****** O****** (Name of a well known Nigerian)
Bank Location : Texas
Account number:69925*****

Name : Nke******* C******* (Name of another Nigerian. This man IS IN ON the scam)
Bank Chase Bank
Acct 339******
Routing No 065******
2000 L******** Dve
PO Box****
New Orleans, LA
zip 70***
swift code CHAS***

So they succeed with their scam and take the money. They are called out and just vanish. Then after a few months they come back. They use Skype, Facebook and Hangouts. They change the identity of the man they claim to be and say the other, who scammed, was a hacker who stole an identity.

Now he is on a ship or an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. The love is turned on hard and he again needs money, $3000 to be with his victim. She refuses saying she does not have it. He only wants Bitcoin, she says I have Bitcoin. He only communicates with her, he has a volatile nature and is abusive with severe mood swings.

Finally he approaches me, I play on his greed and oh does he take it. He wants $3,000
in Bitcoin.

Him: ****** told me to get to you. She says you’re the one sending the bitcoin

Me: I have Bitcoin

Him: Did she tell you the amount you’re going to send ?

Me: I am a busy man. I called her. The amount she mentioned was too small for me. Only deal in full coins. My minimum is 1 coin. (watch his greed take over from here)

Him: Your minimum is one coin? Alright. You can send it. Should I send you the address ? (He bites)

Him: I’ve sent you the address where you’ll send the coin.

Me: This does not add up. You asked the girl for US $3000, I only pay US $9700. Why do you want $6,760 more than asked?

Him: I’m the one paying back mr **** and I travelled for a while but I’ll be back with her in a couple of weeks. There are also reasons why I asked for the rest which she’s aware of. I believe you’re a good friend of hers and I appreciate your effort to assist her.

Okay you've seen the greed and an attempt by him for as much money as he can get. It goes on between us but the girl is playing him with me. I burn my alias and we then move to a female friend.

Him: Hello mrs *****. I’m the one directed by ****** for the loan of the bitcoin (Now it is a loan!)

Me: Hello Mr Serge

I am sorry I missed this email. ****** is very sick in hospital. I think you want US Dollars is that right? I have an account but not Bitcoin but I can change it if you need.

Now he gets irritated with me. He also uses an alias to contact me on Hangouts. Steve H Woods his "brother"

It goes on and I buy time saying I'll get a Bitwal, I do, taking my time but he has lost patience. I use my other alias to say hello and let him know he has been played. The victim cuts all communication on Facebook and Gmail.

Him: Worthless ********

That is enough as I am character limited. Names and emails used in addition to the Grandchaster Bank above;

Serge Micheal: and
Steven H Woods:
Also this:

He only talks with his victim. Over the months we tried several different ways of using an alias to make contact so he is very disciplined. In the end it was greed that brought him out. Images attached including one of the Nigerian scammer.

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Sep 25, 2021
David Howard
by: Julie

David Howard is the name he is using on Wattpad. I got sucked in at first but then red flags popped up. I did not send money and I blew up at him when he asked. The more research I did the more I realized how widespread this scam is. Thanks to Google image search my eyes are wide open.

Jan 08, 2021
subsequent interaction
by: Anonymous

I currently have a man trying to catfish me from an account with these pictures on facebook. I saw him coming from a mile away really.

Aug 30, 2020
Serge Michael
by: Anonymous

Thank you Biggles777 for your help and assistance with this criminal. This was my first ever experience with a scammer and he took me hook line and sinker!

Lost a large amount of money due to my own stupidity.

You taught me a lot Biggles777 and for that I Thank you deeply.

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