Scrabble Go James Williams and Jack Elias

by Anonymous

Early last spring he started a game with me on scrabble go. After about 2 weeks of playing each other and using the game chat he asked to move our conversations to hangouts. I wish I had declined it right then. Fast forward 2 months of daily texts and phone calls. In this time he was in L.A. and then started a new contract in Brazil.

Work was great, then he fell ill, turned out to be malaria. Then a broken drill, followed by an explosion and he was in big trouble because the explosion was his fault because he had left the control room to call me because he was missing me. He sent me video of the explosion caught by surveillance cameras.

I was such a sucker. Many pictures were sent but never could talk or video chat. Then I saw a post for Chang Wei on here and a passport picture caught my eye. The personal information was different but the same hand /fingers holding the passport was identical to Jack's passport picture I had.

I busted him, proved it to him and his response to me was "catch me if you can" and he immediately blocked me.

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