by Anonymous

He is a scammer. He is on Words with Friends. He is on Google app. Hangout. He will tell you he is from Albany, NY. He is widowed. He has a daughter, Claire, that lives with his aunt in PA. He will tell you he is a contractor. He is or was using, Jose Ricca Oliveira photos. He will tell you he got a contract in the U.K. He will tell you, his equipment, a crane, is broke and he needs money to fix it, so he can return to you, and take care of you, after he finishes his contract.

He will have a million dollars, lol!, but he needs your help now, so please send money!!. If you don't, he gets very nasty, threatening you, attempts to get money out of you, by telling you he will send, photos to your friends and family. He is good at photoshopping. B

lock him!! Don't give him anything!!

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