Scott Williams tried to scam me too!

by Toni
(Palos Verdes California )

In March of this year I decided to start dating again so I entered a free trial on a dating app After being on eDate for a month I received a message asking for my email address so we could contact each other easier. Seemed ok to me and what could it hurt.

I have not tried a dating app before so I didn’t know this was a bad thing. I am not a slave to my phone so I didn’t open his email the day he posted it but after I read and replied to his email I got an earful. One of their first actions apparently is to make us feel bad and feel sorry for him. Not this girl which made him angry.

I was told his name was Scott Williams and he is an independent contractor engineer working on an oil platform off the coast of Florida and he is a workaholic but is going to retire and wants love in his life. He has a son 23 living with his girlfriend in Paris and lost his beloved wife 7 years ago to cancer and was offered a job in the US and decided to take it as he was born and raised in Oslo and needed to move because it held too many memories.

Any of this sound familiar?

By the fourth day I was getting messages telling me he had found his soulmate and was the happiest he has ever been, while I was rather sick to my stomach from his words. Even though I am a hopeless romantic red flags were hitting everywhere. I decided to see what I could find on the
internet but not being one that checks on men before I date someone (I just don’t date them period). I get in trouble again for not responding enough so I told him I had been busy working. When he asked “doing what?” I sent him screenshots of all the things I pulled from the internet about him and sent them. “This is what I have been doing “ I told him sending all of it.

I will not bore you with all the craziness but he messed with the wrong girl. I may have not dated in a while as I was busy raising my daughter but my brain works rather well. He again tried to turn it around to make me feel bad but he soon saw it wasn’t working and asked me to block him because I broke his heart.

Please women of the world if it doesn’t feel right listen to your inner voice it is a scam. No one can have those kind of feelings for someone they have never met and only exchanged email for four days.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck ladies it’s a DUCK!

And please don’t tell yourself that he may have scammed others but he means it with you because he doesn’t and never never never give even a dollar unless you don’t care that you are giving your money to a scammer that has hurt countless others.

If we all use our brains and not our hearts maybe jut maybe they will stop. By the way there are no oil platforms off the coast of Florida as Florida made it the law not to have any

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