Scott Williams Oil Rig Maintenance Engineer

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Scott W is on the game Words With Friends. He starts a game with you and soon you are asked to go to Hangouts. He says he was born in Italy and now in Florida. Both parents deceased and lost his wife to childbirth. He says he has a 15 year old daughter called Ann who lives with an aunt. He doesn't say how old he is even when asked.

It is all the usual scripted Nigerian scam questions though there's not much talk of love. But as he is lying he makes two very clear mistakes.

April 14

Me: What do you do for a living?

Him: I am rig maintenance engineer on an oil rig

A little later

Me: Do you have children?

Him: a daughter Ann 15 lives with Aunt

April 15

Him: My daughter is just 12 years old

Me: What is her name? How can he get it so wrong?

Him: Brianna

As with all oil rig scammers he has to talk about money and imply he deals with a lot of it or has it. He also mentions this will be his last contract and that he intends to retire when completed.

Him: As for me I’m actually bidding for a contract after which I’m thinking of retiring

Him: I was going to the office daily since I’m not in the rig but i have to stay home to be safety wise

That is April 22. So he's gone from being on an oil rig presumably to his home in Florida. He's never mentioned it. It's very possible. But if you're starting to call someone gorgeous you might mention you're flying out from the rig back home.

Him: I’ve been going for this exact contract for a While now

Him: It’s a massive contract

Him: It’s worth 750,000,000.00 dollars

Me: Yes that is large

Him: It’s worth Over 750 million

Him: Yeah it is

Him: And I’ve been going after it for years now

Him: Hopefully i get it

Him: And after that I’m retiring and settling down

Me: Who is tendering it?

Him: It’s a company in Canada

Me: Which one?

Him: It’s the federal management of works and board of contracts

Him: Where you into engineering field ?

Me: No

With that he ends it. He can't name the company all he can do is say he's tendering for a $750 million dollar contract. The contract sounds impressive but if you really were involved with one you'd have a lot more detail than what has been said.

With that he moves back to the scripted questions. He does start to paint a picture of being lonely and asking you about relationship history and what you are looking for. We met on a game not a dating site or app.

He becomes irritated with me as I don't respond to certain questions. Then he stops with the script and remains in contact with you. Not much constructive is said. He always asks the time and immediately after if you have "taken" the appropriate meal. It is monotonous and repetitive. As time passes he asks for a Steam card.

Him: I told you that I wanted to ask you something

Me: Okay ask

Him: Can you help me to get a card from the store

Him: I tried getting it here several times

Him: But before i can enter the store

Him: The card is finished

Him: Cause over here old people enters the store from morning till 3

Him: Then the rest people are evenings

Me: Okay what are you trying to do?

Him: I’m asking you to help me get it if it’s ok with you

Him: Cause i haven’t been able to talk to my daughter for days now

Me: Is that why you need it?

Note They always say it's to do with their child and they're run out of data. He's lied about that. All he'll do is cash it in Nigeria. I can confirm that is what the young oil rig scammers from that country do.

Him: Yes

Him: I need it to talk to my daughter and my aunt

Him: Each time i get to the store i don’t see the cards

Him: So can you help me get it please

He sends 3 images of empty supermarket shelves as was common at the start of the pandemic. They could be from anywhere but most likely shared images from others who scam.

Him: I went to different stores

Me: What do you need?

Him: Steam card

Him: Even if it’s 200$

Him: I appreciate

He sends a picture of a $100 Steam card displayed to show its number. He said he has the money to buy one and has gone from an oil rig to Florida sending pictures of supermarket shelves. I give him the runaround.

Him: How it looks

Me: What’s that? Sounds like something a cow does on a hot day

I go on with the runaround. All they do is lie and make excuse after excuse so I do that with him for days.

Him: Hello

Me: Hello

Him: Can you help me with the card today

Me: Why? I checked. You're in Florida, have the money and can buy one online

I get no response. It just ends and that email hasn't been used for over a week. If you are told a story that an oil rig worker needs gift cards Steam, iTunes, Amazon and Google cards can all be purchased online. Tell them to do that and refuse to pay.

Email used

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