Scammers are now on Ebay

by Anonymous

I was recently selling an unworn pair of high end shoes on Ebay and I accepted someone’s offer. That’s when the craziness began! The “buyer” asked me to purchase a $400 Google play card because it was a gift for his niece in addition to the shoes that were $795 (that’s some gift). He even volunteered to add an additional $50 for my time and gas. The “buyer” wanted me to ship the shoes and a $400 Google play gift card in the shoe box. He would pay for the shoes and reimburse me for my time and gift card through PayPal.

I replied I couldn’t do that. He became extremely aggressive and said, I need a gift card so make it $100. He explained he served in the military and couldn’t get off the base. Clearly a scam.

I told him he was violating Ebay policy and blocked him. I then reported him. 4 of the 5 offers I received on the shoes were scams. There is no escaping these pigs.

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