Scammer using the identity: Peter Edward (

by IU

A scammer uses the identity of Peter Edward. The scammer has the email

Peter is a petroleum engineer from Manchester. He contacted me over a Business Plattform. We started to chat. Soon he had a big Trouble and his bank account was frozen. I thought that he was really in trouble and lent him all of my money to save his life even I did not know him. But in the end I realise that he is a scammer.

I am very stupid. But it is too late. I lost all of my money. His accomplices are Gail Eme (Chase Bank, accountnummer770270866, Routing Number: 122100024), Nancy Stephens (West Virginia State Credit Union, Account Number: 00331713 Routing Number: 251984467)Gidgett Renee Stone, Account Number: 6878856563, Routing Number: 111900659, Wells Fargo Bank). Gail Eme (Account number: 1000233191336 Routing Number 061000104, Suntrust Bank )

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