Scammer exposed

by Lisa odell
(Pensacola fl)

I was talking to someone and I thought he really lived in Miami and we talked for about 3 months and things were not adding up so I finally told him I was not going to talk to him no more unless he told me who he was and then he did tell me who he was.

He was in Nigeria and I have been approached by many for scams either iTune cards and inheritance scam or some kind of money scam that a diplomat has but there was one guy going by Charles Bretz and he also went by Jeff Robles.

He was real scary and he threatened to do some very bad stuff and I finally just blocked him and then he went for another fake profile and started talking to me again but it didn't take long to know who he was

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May 25, 2018
Tom Wilson
by: kimpossible!

Texted me out of the blue from Facebook saying I was in his "friends I might know" and he saw my picture and wanted to know me. After many attempts by him, I finally texted him back.

Big Mistake.

By the third or fourth conversation, he had me hooked. I was going thru a miserable time myself with a Divorce. Anyhow, we texted back n forth for a few weeks, then he started asking for money. $500 at first, told him I'm broke, then $200. Still, no dough for him.

Told me "that's alright, I love you, I mean I still want to talk to you because Am in love with you". Bla bla bla. Dude, you don't know me. We've never even been on a date! But, it still hurt me. A few weeks later, he asked again. Still no dough for him. He hadn't gotten a dime or a penny off of me, and then declared "I knew I was just wasting my time with you".

I kinda chewed him out. But ya, a Scammer.
Be careful ladies because he knows just what to say, and what poems to put out there to suck you in. Especially if your hurting already, it may just absorb into you like a sponge. Be aware!

These creeps DO NOT CARE!

Apr 24, 2018
I am in same boat so to speak
by: Anonymous

This man went through POF, saying he was using his friends profile as he was not into internet dating, and his friend allowed him to search on his account and found me and fell in love at first sight, hence it did say I am a registered nurse, but a bankrupt one it didn't say.

I disclosed to him the truth about my life, and he is apparently an Engineer, from Belgium, his accent is not Belgian or Dutch, I recorded his voice on speaker phone, and my son listened and said 'Mom He's Nigerian" so we were to meet last saturday but he all of a sudden had to go to US for an interview with an engineering construction project, and our meeting will have to wait til later this week as apparently he is only 2 hours away from me, so no problem to get to, so he says back this week.

I said, finally we will meet face to face. Tonight all of a sudden he asked me to get him an ITunes card, but I couldn't understand, as I have never used them myself, so I said there are different prices, and he said he needed it to do sketching work as engineer, etc. and that he needed the Canadian itunes as the one in US won't work with the APP he has, so I said each Itune card is different prices you have to go on google to see what you want, as each gives more the larger the price, and he knows my financial situation. I told him I don't have any money to get any itune cards, so then I said, being that he just got awarded a 12.2 million dollar contract, why don't you email transfer me the money and I will get them for you tomorrow.

I said, all you have to do is go to your online banking, then he said he doesn't have a canadian bank account and living in Canada the last few months that his bank account was of another country which i will not mention, not Nigeria.

So I said, where in the world do you get your money if you have no bank in canada, and he says his foreign account card works, so then I said, why don't you etransfer me the money on your online account, every online banking account has this feature, and he slowly backed off, "I don't need, is fine, I dont need is fine" lol.

So appparently this week I am to meet him when he returns to my province where he supposedly lives 2 hours away and will finally meet him face to face, but I don't think it is going to happen, as I think he is not who he says he is.

Funny thing, though he has sent me pictures of a Caucasian man and I could never get the mental picture of a Black Man out of my mind, where i had to put his picture he sent me on my computer screen just to get that picture out of my head, nothing wrong with a black man, but this man is portraying himself as a successful engineer handsome, and very attentive and loving on the phone.

Is it possible for Nigerians to buy Canadian Cell phones with Canadian Numbers????? I am not finished playing this along, as waiting for the next big flag where i can tell him off in a sweet way, letting him know I was aware all along from the very beginning.

The Next biggest flag will be, I can't make it back to town this week from the US. Also, can they hack someone elses dating site account??? Something is not right I smell a "skunk"

Apr 19, 2018
Good Job Lisa - AWARENESS
by: Anonymous

How dare he threaten you. These low-life people need to be stopped. I was scammed of 3 Itune cards. Now that I think of it, I was so naive and stupid. So So angry with myself but I'm getting over it - well actually, I'm am over it.

I pray that they burn in hell. We need to be AWARE! Really, I never heard of this (scamming) until it happened to me. The low-life went by the name of Dr. Oliver James and had a daughter named Melvin. STUPID. Damn, when I look back there were so many signs, but I believed I was in love.


Hang in there!

I'm sure the low-life DR. OLIVER JAMES, Orthopedic will have changed his name by now. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He may still be using that name. If he does reside in Syria like he said I PRAY a bomb EXPLODES in his face!!!

Apr 14, 2018
Scammer exposed
by: Jemmy

So did you find out his real name then

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