by DeeHouser
(New castle,Indiana US)

On 4-28-2018 I had had pneumonia all winter & stayed in bed & got up only for my dog's. That pretty April day I was on my porch and I saw a van in front & a boy in my yard. I have a Guard dog post's all over and I said what are you selling? Well I then saw he was selling kirby sweeper's.

He said his boss was making him work over & he was going to miss his Son's 5th birthday party so I put dog's out & let him in. I SAID don't do nothing as my house is clean and I don't need a sweeper. your boss will think you are selling a sweeper. He did pick up a round circle of dirt & quit & said well I gotta go. I will be calling all over credit place's so you can have a sweeper. I was screaming I do not want sweeper and he did not leave a contract book or nothing and just left in their Van. I was stuck with a sweeper I could not even budge. I started calling the #'s he gave me 1000 times. The corporate office asked me not to call any more so I called Richmond or any Kirby place. I had read their online contract & it said disabled people 65 & older like me could send the sweeper back any time. WELL I told them in many message's I was taking it to sit on the porch & to pick it up. It sat there 2 whole month's covered up. Well nobody came. Then in a few week's 2 van's came from Indianapolis and I said get
the hell off my porch as the guard dog's are here and I am trying to get this sweeper picked up.

Some black girl said we could take it for you. I said no it came from Richmond not Indy and then about 2 week's later I came home & saw the Indy Van & black girl shutting her van door & the sweeper was gone. The 1st boy turned my name into a scam loan company Monterey Financial of Oceanside, Calif and they did take 43,80$ out of my account. I stopped payment on it and I got many terrible dead beat email's from Monterey & 2 from Champion.

On Sat I got a letter from Monterey and it said to send my SS earning's award letter to them & Dr's Statement stating that I was disabled. I got it 7-17 it was dated 5-5. I did not sign the letter or send any Dr paper''s or SS paper's. That paper did say if Kirby sweeper does not pick it up in 20 day's after you call them, then you can dispose of the sweeper anyway you want.

Hell they never answered the phone & the only one I saw for the 2nd time was a black girl in front of my house & the sweeper was gone. They want to charge me 1,777.00 for a sweeper I did not want & do not have. I read where Monterey is so crooked they have had 79 of their offic's shut down.



Thank you as I don't have that kind of $$$$$$ & did call at least 1000X's for them to pick it up.


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Jul 24, 2018
Ignore the Door
by: Anonymous

Never buy anything from the door. In fact "IGNORE THE DOOR". Never let anyone who is selling stuff into your house.

Some places have a cooling off period after signing a contract at the door.

In our province we have had a lot of issues with water heater contracts. These people will bully their way into a person's house claiming they are an inspector and all sorts.

Never let them in.

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