Scammed by a person pretending to be a veterinary doctor

by Anne Marie
(Texas )



I came across Fred fabregas Fabio whilst on an app and did not realise the site was a dating site. We started talking and he explained to me he was a veterinary doctor and an American. Then the speal started as he told me he was in Nigeria as he had been studying there and couldn’t leave as he had to pay the Nigerian authorities for the release of his passport and licence.

I stupidly sent him money but the plot thickened and he could not leave for various reasons but it was just a ploy to get more money. I know I was not the only person he took from as others had put comments about him on face book and various other sites.

He tries to wheedle his way into your head by pretending to care about you but he also has a nasty side to him where he threatens you if things are not going his way.

He pretends to be half American and half Spanish but I would put money on it that he is Nigerian through and through. No one would be stuck out there for the length of time he has been there.

Take care ladies as he is only interested in your money and nothing else and he is a perpetual liar.

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