Scam victims

by Daniel
(Denver, co USA!)

Education for the masses on how to identify Nigerian scammers or West African scammers. I do have a few tips to offer.

First of all, the majority of the scammers always say am, not I am. The great majority of these scammers always use the word dear. I'm talking about the female side of the scammers in dating sites.

Mingle2 is a perfect example of a scammer dating site. Look at the ladies between the ages of 25 and 35 in Denver and you will find nearly all of them are scammers. This is just one dating site and there are hundreds and hundreds just like this.

They always have a problem with their phone camera and they will always seem to ask for iTune cards.

Watch out for these patterns when you're doing with dating sites. Their English will always be poor unlike an American lady. Americans talk like Americans so pay attention. Nigerian scammers freak out when you tell them why you can't send money.

When you mentioned dating site safety they try to fight and argue with you that is a red flag. Pay attention people as these scammers are on nearly every dating site. Instagram Facebook and hangouts is their main tool for using and luring victims. Viber is another tool that they use to lure people in. If your on Instagram and they ask you to switch to Hangouts immediately block them!

Be safe everyone!

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May 19, 2019
Reply to today's new player
by: Anonymous

I wish I came across this forum before I was fooled by a Nigerian scammer.

My scammer eventually confessed to his crime saying his conscience bothered him, this is after I was scammed several thousand dollars.

He used photos of a very respectable and wealthy good looking guy to lure women.

He promised to pay everything back, I was foolish enough to believe him.

As soon as they asked for anything at all. BLOCK THEM.

They are heartless and they don't care about you.

They are excellent at what they do.

They are usually widowed, with young kids, parents deceased.. no other living relatives.

If you hear these stories... They are scammers.

They use emotional blackmail, will give you attention to gain your trust, then they pounced like a piranha.

Blood sucking scums of the earth.

Apr 23, 2019
Each scammer is not the same
by: Anonymous

They also are smart enough to know if they ask you to go to any private chats it's giving themselves up. So even if they stay its not safe. You can see their profile but cant find it cause they attach to yours. So then they dont leave I can't get mine to use anything but Instragram. So they don't always go to hangout or whatsapp. What to know no matter what or who you are talking to if they ask for money common sense says no. If you never met this person and they need money block them. Please they are not real. Cause everything I have read is so different from mine. He is good but he is still a scammer. His game is to be protecting you from the ones he sends your way. Yes think about that one. When it doesnt go right he will take care of it find them and help you turn them in. So the best way is to never give out info on yourself and never give out money. Do that and you will be fine .

May 20, 2018
Great advice
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the great advice. Everything you said is true. Even for the male scammers. They get mad when you ask questions. Avoid the questions by changing the subject, saying something romantic or how much they love you and will take care of you, if you won’t help them, send them money then it’s a guilt trip.

They will also try and get your cell phone number then Viber, hang outs. Also spelling was a concern. My guy kept saying he was having "launch" even though I was spelling lunch for him in my text (not real bright). Also remember the people in the pictures are also victims. They are NOT who you are really talking too.

Sometimes you are talking to more than one person pretending to be your love. Trust your gut, the signs are there.

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