Scam from zoosk

by Anonymous

A woman I know met a man on kiosk. His name is Daniel Moore and he claims he is a civil engineer and stuck in Dubai doing a 850,000 dollar job. He sent her 2 pictures of himself and I checked them out and found them on Google. She asked to see his work that he was working on and was sent 2 photos he claimed to be an oil rig.

The first photo I found on Google was the beginning stages of a Spanish ship and the 2nd was a picture of a machine and 2 guys beside it and when I searched it, it came back to a job portfolio website and it was actually 2 guys putting up steel mesh on a rock wall to prevent the rocks from falling.

I showed all this information to her and then found out she sent him 400 dollars and gave him her banking information and address and everything!!!

So I got her to cancel her card so he can't take money out. He tried to call the bank and when he found out she cancelled he messaged her calling her all kinds of names and verbally abused her. He started off saying he was staying in hotels in Dubai and that he is the boss of his own company.

Then he started messaging her saying how he couldn't access his bank and he needed to send her a 14,000 cheque and wanted her to cash it at her bank and send him half of the money back and she could keep the rest. He wanted her to wire money under the name Scott Sheppard in Florida.

He then said workers came and took his tools away and now he's got no money to buy more and the woman said I thought you were the boss. He said no I'm not I am just a helper. Lies lies lies.

He said he was living in a tent in the desert so I asked her to ask him how he's getting a signal then especially because he said he had an old school phone. I told her to ask him for a pic while holding up a piece of paper with her name on it. He said no. She said to him when I asked you for pictures before you took them with no problem. He said he was on site then which was BS because the one picture he took was in a truck driving, and the
other he had a neighborhood behind him with houses and cars.

She said I want a picture or I will stop talking to you as I have that right. He said she didn't have the right to nothing and then called her very nasty names.

The 14,000 cheque came in and she took it to the bank and showed the clerk and the clerk told her it was fraudulent and to not cash it. The name on the check had the last name Wilson and he said it was owed to him from some trucking company in Toronto.

She took it to the police and they too said it was fake. So she threw it out and she messaged him and told him it was a bad check and the police and clerk at the bank told her and he told her that it was a good check and it should have went through.

She's still talking to him and sending I love you'd and everything else. I showed her and explained everything to her all the lies he's told and she told me to mind my own business so that's what I'm doing.

Its so frustrating when I show her proof of the lies and she chooses to believe him. They have never met and he has excuses for everything. She is on cop disability and he claims to have a house in the US an hour from my mom and own his own business and has a Rolex, but still needs her money for medical and food and tools etc.

I don't know how women can be so dann gullable! I said ask for pics often and video chat and ask for his addresses, family info and follow up.

Why is it so hard to believe that if it comes back as fake that he's lying, she now believes the check was real. So I know he'll send another one and she will cash it and she will end up stress red and maybe it needs to happen for her to get it!!!!!!.

He is in Zoosk dating site claiming he is a Daniel Moore and a civil engineer but he doesn't have fb and has a cell phone with a Washington area code and he only has and a cell and when asked to video chat he says his phone is too old and asked for money to get a new phone.

Watch out ladies please. These guys have no heart and no remorse.

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Nov 08, 2021
RE: Zoosk. Liar from Dubai...
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear of the experiences your friend went through with this guy. I agree, these people target dating sites and people trying to get their life back together after breakups--divorce, separation, etc..

I met a guy on Zoosk (with the help of another guy that said he liked me and wanted to email) whose name was Timothy, not sure if I got the last name. Anyway, in the first email he was all sweet and compliments. Then he calls me on the phone (after weeks of silence) and says he had been injured on the job and even wanted to know if I was seeing anyone I was going to be waiting for him to do me the honor of bothering with me again.

Some time after that, he wanted me to check out a link or something about his banking account because he said he could not access it being in Dubai. I felt bad but told him the reason I didn't feel comfortable doing that. He got mad at me and said why did I have to write such a long email, why not just say no? Anyway, another fake.

I don't understand jerks like that. It's hard enough getting back out there after separating from someone without finding creeps like that.

Sep 26, 2018
It is a scam
by: Anonymous

Wow I am so sorry to hear that. These people are very cunning and great liars. They like to Target dating sites and look for single people like ourselves to play mind games and steal from. Please have her visit this site so that she can see for herself.

I have been scammed out of $3525 thinking I'm in love with this wonderful woman who claimed to be a nurse in Nigeria. They will flirt with you for weeks before asking for money. It's really hard to believe that it's a lie but it is. They will even ask her to send pictures of herself so that they can use her pictures to scam others because the online pictures are too perfect.


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