Saudi Arabia rig engineer

by Anonymous



I was on a news feed regarding the atrocities of the war in Ukraine. Someone commented on my feed, His name was CLARK BERNARD and email CLARKBERNARD63@GMAIL.

We became friends. His photo of him looked like he was a nice gentleman. We talked for days, weeks, yes? He got to me and I really did feel loved. He said such lovely, sweet things caring that fell for his charms. Same picture x 2 was all I got of him. He then asked me he needed me to go to a gas station and he wanted credit so he could phone me. He said it was hard to get credit on oil rigs or even take photos.

Things did not add up. I said no way. And no I would not do it. ALARM BELLS rang. I kept asking for a recent photo but I never got it. The fb page was of him and his two dogs and on his page was a photo of him and his son Joshua. His wife Annie died in child birth.

How the hell can a loser of all evils say something like that. Here is 2 photos of A MAN WITH NO NAME. This piece of s--t who has used this defenseless man to lure people for money is the low life rat of the sewers.

Dont forget this picture is what I was sent. So is he the defenseless one OR is he the scammer RAT.

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