Samuel Richard SPDC Oil Ship Contractor Scotland

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Don't need to wait for a scam when you are sent the pictures being used. The innocent man's images are used by a small group, not sure if it's them. There are pages for two other names they used.

Lawrence Abraham

Kelvin Brown

Now Samuel Richard is the name. He is 57 from New Jersey with two children he doesn't name or give any ages.The children are in "bodying" school. He is on an oil drilling ship in Scotland. Unlike most on Scrabble GO they are patient and taking their time with the victim.

You get their script over weeks and if you say you're not looking for love they back off and settle for friendship. The following are some quotes and exchanges with my alias;

The daily questions;

What did you eat for breakfast?
How is your current weather?
Hope you are warm?
Hope you like the weather?
What are your plans for today?
Hope you are safe?

All simple but part of their script. In addition to asking for pictures of everything you do. Don't let them steal your identity.

Him: I’ve told my kids about you and they are happy hearing from you

Me: Why?

Him: Because I told them you’re so nice to me and my kids is so happy to hear because they are the only ones I’ve

Him: Hope you’re not upset that I didn’t inform you before letting them know

Me: Okay

Him: I show them your picture you send to me and my kids told me you’re so beautiful

Me: Okay

Edit: I'm now their sunshine and they're dreaming about me.
They tried the religious approach but dropped it when told my alias isn't religious. But they keep trying it. His contract will finish up in July and he is coming to see me.

One red flag after the other;

Him: Ever since I lost my late wife I don’t have feeling for women. But my kids always keep telling me that I should get another wife because they need someone who they can call mom

Him: Because I do want us to live as one and a true friend

Him: My contract finishes in july

Him: Wow that’s good. I know when I’m through with my contract I know you’re gonna pay me a visit..

Him: Yeah. Because this is my last contract before my retirement

Edit: I ask about his work and don't get much

Me: Yes. What do you do with your contract?

Him: Doing some drilling of oils and order construction work too

Me: Okay and you're on an oil rig or a ship right?

Him: Ship

Me: Okay. I forgot which company you do that with?

Him: I work with Spdc

Me: Okay

Me: Who is SPDC?

Him: It is an oil company

Him: You never heard of that ?

Him: How about total ?

Him: Mobile ?

Him: I have worked work with so many companies and I’m proud to tell you that I love my job so much

Me: Is Mobile Exxon? (any oil worker would see my mistake)

Him: They are too company that merge

Edit: He's not on a ship near Scotland. SPDC is actually The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria. Email in use:

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