"Same as Cash" option for Kirby scam

by Alexis helton
(Silverdale, WA)

I underwent one of these demonstrations and experienced the persistence of the Kirby salesman.

Even though I wasn't happy about it, my husband and I eventually agreed upon purchasing a Kirby vacuum under the pretense that we would get our interest back if we paid the vacuum off early.

Little did we know, this wasn't actually the case. According to my contract, we were to pay 23% interest totaling $708.92 to pay off the vacuum in 36 months, I paid the vacuum off in 3 months instead of 36, thinking we were to get some of the $700 back.

This was not the case because according to "United Consumer Financial Services" (the company in which Kirby financed our vacuum through) stated that no where on our contract said that it was possible.

Meaning we paid the full amount including $700 worth of interest. It is in my experience that financial companies do not work in the way of "UCFS" and am frustrated with the fact that I was given false information.

Later that day, I called the Kirby company in which we purchased our vacuum through and was told the original company was no longer in business and a new one took its place.

I believe that this is the scam that they are using time and time again. I have been told three different times by the new company that they are trying to do something for me and they are researching my situation, but I haven't received a single call from this company to help me with this problem.

I just keep having to call them to get a different person each time. I have not been able to get in contact with the same person I previously spoke with about my situation.

I realize that it is our fault that we didn't check for anything written in our contract about the interest coming back to us, so currently I have accepted that fate.

At this time, I am trying to make people aware that purchasing this vacuum is a scam and if they are told they will receive interest back for paying the vacuum off early, make sure the seller includes "Same and Cash" on the contract as an option for them.

I hope, hope, hope that no one else goes through what my family has gone through. Please don't let these people in your home's and waste 5-8 hours of your time and scam your hard earned money.

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Apr 04, 2020
by: Anonymous

Complete scam. Ironically the business in our area went out of business one year after the sale. I wonder why? Scam scam scam. Cheap plastic extensions.

May 06, 2017
Kirby dealer
by: John

Kirby vacuums are the best home maintenance systems you can buy. Kirby gives you the best cleaning for your home that you can get. Maintaining a clean home certainly helps as far as protecting your home and also the health of anyone in your home.

Nov 20, 2011
All Very Incorrect info!!!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I actually work for the Kirby company! I have just recently gone back.

I have been with the Kirby Distributing Company for aprox 3 years, with about a six month break in between! I love it.

We have not lied or done any of these things to anyone. Some distributers get their license to distribute and run things down and some have made a very bad name for us.

However we do not let any of that get us down. The "Kirby" is amazing! It sells itself! I have sold cars, cellular phones, and ADT.

I have never been happier than when I am showing a Kirby. It cleans ever type of floor in your home period! Plus it dusts, blows all sorts of things up, shampoos, and SOOOOOOOOO much more!!!!! I am not the kind of person to lie to anyone.

I am a honest man just like the rest of the ones who know me. Whenever you buy a Kirby you have interest if you finance, However if you pay more on it then you get that extra paid to the principle!

So please everyone that is on here mking these rejected complaints PLEASE STOP!!! It gives me a pretty bad name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

Call Kirby Consumer Affairs at 800-494-8586

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