Samantha Hudson Gemologist / Date of posting: June 20, 2022

by Samantha B.G.

Phony Gemologist

Phony Gemologist



Where one can find the facial image?:
- Web page pertaining to the Founder --

Date that website was first registered: 2021-07-09

Website domain registrar: NameCheap
Website hosting provider: NameCheap

Physical address(es) cited on website:
5387 Harriet Pl West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Phone number cited on website: +1(727) 335 8129

Does area code of phone number correspond to physical address?: Possibly. The area code of the phone number corresponds to Florida.

Email address cited on website:

Content served up by Amazon AWS?: No

Several jewelry appraisal sites that appear to replicate elements of this site would appear to have images and elements served up by Amazon AWS. However, this site may have been an early iteration. As such, it does not appear to have content served up by Amazon AWS. This site appears to have been registered close to a year ago and is still up.

Also to note: A Google Image Search brings up one other hit for the image of the face, apart from this jewelry appraisal scam site. That search result involves a different name -- Angela Warren. Though the hit appears via the Google Image Search, the link -- to --
is a link that is no longer active. The brief search synopsis would suggest that the image is one that was misappropriated.

Other related scam sites, all of which feature the face of one woman, but under several different names (albeit the photo used is not the photo that appears for Samantha Hudson), are as follows:

Julia Dimaggio
Sandra Hall Gemologist -- see

Zaee Harris Gemologist -- see

Carola Johnson -- see

Carola Kemp

Cynthia Lewis, Royal Glamour Gems

Martina Paugh Universal Gems Diamonds Experts -- see

Andreea Sasser Gemologist

Sandra Smith Gemologist

Claudia Denise Wallace Gemologist

Note: The physical address, in Florida, cited on the Glamoria Gems website is the same address used by Sandra Hall (, Zaee Harris (, Cynthia Lewis / Royal Glamour Gems ( and by Sandra Smith / Sandra Smith Gems (

Additional jewelry appraisal scam sites that may also have similarities to the Glamoria Gems scam site are:

Gabrielle Barlowe

Christoffel Berend

Holly Bradarsh - see

Alison Kochell - see

Tony Kochell - see

The Glamoria Gems website has the distinction of having been registered prior to all of the other aforementioned jewelry scam websites.

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Jan 12, 2024
Grace Amelia
by: Anonymous

Another phony scam site

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