Salmon Talbot FAKE UN Doctor

by Anonymous

Recently I was chatting with an alleged Orthopedic Surgeon on Google Hangouts. He said he was a Doctor with the UN stationed in Turkey. He said he was educated in Germany, and had a home in Los Angeles and property in western Canada, Calgary I believe. He would only chat on hangouts and said his mission was very secret and he could not talk on the phone.

Anyway, I bought into the scam for a while until I looked at the comments on this website and found he is likely one of the culprits reported by the others on the site. He has some outlandish reasons for secrecy but oddly he is not on the current list of UN Doctors and when contacted the UN reports he is not listed with them anywhere in the world.

Be aware of this scammer! He claims to be in his early 50's and has one daughter who is attending university in Spain.

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Mar 11, 2020
He is still at it on WWF
by: Biggles777


I won't say the name yet but he is still at his game. Same doctor and location. I'm working on him and he has changed his scam.

Oct 12, 2019
Hendy Santos Fake UN Doctor
by: Anonymous

Met this loser on Words with Friends. Says he’s a UN doctor stationed in Afghanistan. All of a sudden his phone is broken and he needs a new one $650. Then a broken keyboard $220. He’s a scammer and always asking for money. Fell into his love bit and sent him money until I realized he was online all the time. How could that be with a broken phone and keyboard? This man is a liar.

His email is Send him some horrible emails, I know I will.

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