Saleswoman was clearly on drugs.

by Alaina
(Severn, MD)

We have a no solicitation sign on our door, thanks to multiple door to door salesman in our first week in this neighborhood. I don’t expect to have to shoo people away. A woman who was clearly on heroin or some other strong CNS depressant knocked on my door. She asked me if I wanted to have my carpet cleaned for free, they would just leave a business card in hopes that I would call them in the future for business.

I said no. She repeated that it was free! Why wouldn’t I want it? I said no. She told me she had to do the cleaning to get paid. No. She then rolled her eyes and told me that they were trying to get a trip to Ocean City. I never opened my glass door because she was clearly intoxicated and as she walked away she stumbled on the single step of our sidewalk.

She spent the whole exchange unable to fully open her eyes and nodding in and out of consciousness.

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