Said his name is Callum Morgan - From Austriala


My poor friend met this creep on a site called Plenty of Fish. Well she is a widow and this guy got her heart. We all tried to tell her its a scam but she did not believe them. He said he was moving to Hartford CT to open a business but would not Skype her as he said he had no camera

yet he had a smart phone.

Asked for money said he was stuck in Paris because of a strike. Then he had to wait for his dog and that cost money. He offered to send her his disability check. OK and then he said he was here held up in customs with an expensive painting needed paperwork for that.

Then he needed money sent to his agent to get paperwork for the artwork to come in first he said it was from his Dad's Estate and worth money. Then said he was selling it in NY. Then he still didn't show up...asked for money because when you move from Australia to the states they freeze all your assets.

I have no idea why she believed any of this to a man she texted with for 2 months but never spoke a word to him...I cannot believe that she is out thousands of dollars......she is very depressed and I am so worried about her.

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Oct 26, 2016
I am a fool
by: Anonymous

I trusted this man and he said he needed money to get back to the states. He showed me his bank account and I gave him 10 grand via PayPal and have not heard from him since - that was 2 days ago

Oct 21, 2016
He's Now Morgan Callum
by: Anonymous

This guy is at it again on POF. He switches over to Google's Hangouts. Comes across as a quiet guy (can't spell -he types "quite" as quiet). I even arranged to meet him for a coffee in Freo.

Would he know that abbreviation, I don't think so. Still insists he doesn't know what I'm talking about when I said I'd report him.

Beware ladies!

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