Rude Kirby Salesman

A young man was outside our house when my dad was returning home. The man said that there was a prize draw to win a car and all he needed was a phone number.

My dad agreed and gave him our number. The next mornng we had a phone call saying we had won a free carpet cleaning that would only take an hour.

The same young man turned up and insisted on telling us our house was full of 'poison' and he didnt know how we all were not ill. After doing one room and taking over an hour, he asked to use our house phone to ring the 'office'.

We were told we had 'qualified' to own one of the hoovers because there was 'serious need' for one in our house because the 'dirt was shocking'.

When we turned this down and told him we didnt want to spend £1500 on a new vacuum he became very rude and accused my father of 'making excuses'.

Without finishing shampoong he packed up all his boxes and left (taking my sisters phone charger with him!!).

The next day we found 2 areas on the carpet that had been damaged by the vacuum and no reply from kirby about it!

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