Rose said no and ment it

by Rose
(San bernardino ca)

I agreed knowing there would be a sales pitch.

I let him pitch his "sale" and I asked questions like where is your nearest repair location and what is the warranty.

I confused him so much he was losing his sales speech and it seemed my questions made him nervous. Well when I noticed he was going to try to push a sale I informed him I only was interested in the free carpet cleaning.

He stated being really rude and said "I'm no carpet cleaning boy" with a smirk on my face. I said well that's not what your assistant said so either give me what you promised or have a good day and get out of my house.

He tried to push his pich again and that's when I dropped the bomb on him. I said look I use to work for a big corporation and I was a sales rep for a fortune 500 company and I was good at my job with a smirk on my face.

I said pack your things and have a good day. He was upset took his time to gather his items and left.

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