Romance Scams

by Anoymous

Ladies be very careful as I've come across a man who speaks with so much charm, as beautiful as poetry. He is a scammer and he has many names but is a oil contractor. He has scammed me and he used the line that he had to apply for retirement and claim he had to pay for this.

He now says he wants me to pay customs process along with paying for the shipment of his money of cash to the states. Beware of him as he also wants itune cards.

He goes by many names but he is going by lynn Hinklet and his true identity is Luca Girati. He fabricated his marriage in Italy so people would think he is innocent. Look up scamhaters and his name Luca Girati he himself is the true scammer. I too have heard a rooster in the back ground. I believe he is in Nigeria or Ghana.

Theres a big group of scammers and a man by a Mr. Hunt is the person over them so be on the watch. I wish I knew how to turn him in as I know his true identity

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