Roland James North Sea Oil Rig Contractor on WWF

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


Met one Roland James on Words With Friends username RolandJ. He comes on hard and quickly takes you to Hangouts. He turns on the love rapidly without saying too much about himself. The story is the same, not much about him or what he does and he throws the love at you while asking all about you.

He says he is from Dallas, Texas. He is 50 years old and lost his parents at a very young age. Was raised by an aunt who dies 4 years ago. Lost his wife 2 years ago in a car accident. There is mention of children but no age or where. As you get to know him he is fond of quoting his aunt. It is his last contract and when done he plans to be with you.

Says he is on the Mittelplate oil rig. That is the oil field not a specific rig. The rig he says he is on is in the North Sea about 15 km from Cuxhaven and owned by DEA AG. That is about all he says.

He hits you with the love, if you were lonely it would be easy to fall for it all. Doesn't matter what time of day he is there with it. Emojis, GIFs and words. He always wants pictures of you no matter what you are doing. He doesn't have much interest in what you do.

Once he is happy you love him he sets the end of his contract for a week out. Then a drill breaks and he has to pay for it along with his 40 employees. DEA AG would never ask an employee to take the cost of broken equipment.

Him: Honey.. I'm very sad now.

Me: Why would that be?

Him: baby my drilling machine got broken down Yesterday afternoon,

Me: Oh okay

Him: and i need to purchase a new drilling machine

Me: Doesn't your contract end today?

Him: My contract was supposed to finish next Friday

Him: i'm very sad because the machine is very expensive

Me: Okay

Him: I have contacted the seller in Hamburg and the price of the new drilling machine is 400,000 euros my love

Me: Oh wow and why doesn't the company pay?

Him: my client only deposited 30% of the contract funds to me before i start this project and the agreement was that i will get my balance payment immediately i complete my work and now my drilling machine is broken and i need to purchase the money myself, I have been using it to pay my workers

Me: Doesn't the oil company pay your workers babe?

Him: I pay my workers

Me: How many?

Him: I'm the contractor I have a about 40 workers I pay them

Me: Oh okay so what do you need babe?

Him: I have deposited the sum of 300, 000 euros online from my checking Account I have contact my friend he’s going to help me with the sum of 50, 000 euros and I need additional 50, 000 euros to complete the fees so that I can get new machine order to the platform my love so that I can complete my work on time and get paid my balance from my client my love

Him: I don’t know if you can help me complete the fees so that I can get my machine next week

Me: Oh okay so you need 50,000 Euros?

Him: Please I will pay you back the money my love when I finish my work on the rig

Him: Yes honey to complete the payment

Him: I really need to get the machine next week

Me: How do I pay babe?

Him: I'm gonna forward you the seller account details

Him: Honey, are you still there my love?

Me: Yes I am here babe

Okay so there it is. None of what he says is true, he doesn't pay for equipment or employees. An account is sent

Name : J** P T*******
Bank name : Wells Fargo
Routing #05300****
Accounting #
Owner address :Morlan Park RD,
City: Salisbury
State: North Carolina
Zipcode: 28146
Bank address : 1300 W. Innes St.Salisbury, NC. 28144

Wells Fargo, says it all. He's expecting me to log in with a receipt of my deposit of 50,000 Euros. Not a small sum. He forgot something. He thought I was daft and didn't notice when he declared never ending love for me and that I am his world, he called me another name. I ask who she is and throw eggs he goes into a major flap over the weekend as he see's 50,000 Euro's walk away.

Me: Oh babe thank you I just left instructions with my private banker in New York and he'll send me a receipt overnight

Him: OK baby

Him: Thank you so much baby

Him: I really appreciate my love

Me: Babe who is Mrs ****?

Him: Who are you talking about

Me: That is who you sent me a message for. You told her she was your world. What about me?

Him: Oh it was a mistake, I was trying to write ***** *******

Him: You are my world

Him: You know that

Me: That's what you told Mrs **** and it wasn't a typo

Him: No my love, can't you understand me my love, I was trying to write Mrs *****

Him: The connection is not that okay here my love

Me: Hmm I think you are confused with women

Him: Lol (they always laugh when questioned)

Him: Do you understand my world

Him: OMG

Him: What do you mean my love?

Him: I don't

Him: I don't I can't do that my love

Him: You have to understand me my love

Him: Honey

Him: Don't hurt me please

Him: Say something ****

Me: Yes it is ***** not ******. You go declare your love for Mrs **** (He's forgotten my name)

Him: You are the only woman in my life

Him: I swear with the life of my kids

Him: No my love

Him: I don't believe me

Him: You are the only woman in my life

Him: I swear to you

Him: You are the only woman in my life

Him: I love you with all my heart and soul

Him: Please honey

Him: You have to believe me

Him: I can never do such thing my love

Him: ****** is the only woman in my life

Him: Say something ******

Him: I'm going crazy right now

Him: You know that I can never hurt you

Him: I love you

Him: I was trying to write your name, please honey believe me

Him: I swear

Him: I'm a honest man I can never do anything to hurt you

Him: I love you

Him: Believe me *****

Him: Talk to me ***** ******

Him: Are you there with me?

Him: Say something *****

Him: Why are you ignoring me my love?

Him: You are hurting my heart *****

Him: Why are you doing this honey?

Him: I swear you are hurting my heart for no reason my love

Him: I promise not to hurt you

Him: Why are you hurting me?

Him: You are doing this for no reason my love

Me: Oh you a man in love with two women

As you see he is in a flap. It only takes one small line from me to wind him up. The response was 37 straight texts from him. He fluffs my name, throws emojis and it's all my fault. He PhotoShops images of you as a loving couple and sends more of him. On it goes, next response by me and it is 56 straight texts from him. They start as one liners and become as long as 40 or so lines a text. He changes his Hangouts profile picture to my alias. If he wants to figure it out he can read here and it is all my fault because he used another name.

Email to avoid; I think that is just for my alias now

WhatApp number never used;

1 214 531 6150

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Sep 24, 2023
So what is your real name? Or is it the same one scamming people?
by: Anonymous

So what is the guy's real name. Is he the same guy scamming people? I saw him on several Facebook and Instagram accounts with different names so is he the same one or is it another person using his image? Which is his real name

Dec 13, 2020
Same person in different profile
by: Anonymous

The same experience with that person. In my case his name was Richard Moon and contacted with me by Linkedin. He says that is from Georgia USA and is a US military in mission in Afghanistan. Divorced and with a 14 years daughter that she was is living with his aunt.

During a time he wrote you everyday, telling you beautiful things and how much he loves you and how he needs you, and how important you are, until one day he asks you to send money to be able to get a permission to go out of the camp.
Obviously everything is false.

Nov 24, 2020
The same
by: Anonymous

I had the same experiences with that person. He contacted me on Instagram. His account was "harrison225533". He went to WhatsApp with both mobile-numbers.

I found your homepage and the comments. I named him Roland James. He didn't comment. I said he wont get money, so he broke up.

I blocked him on Instagram and with both numbers on WhatsApp. I filed a complaint with the police.

Sep 13, 2020
Scam detected
by: Anonymous

Hello, This crook contacted me on Linkedin. His name was Micheal Dominic. Thanks to this site we only talked for 3 days. We asked him to talk on camera. Did not want. He justified that they are interfering, that there is a danger of fires on the platform. He sent me some pictures of the fire that had taken place the day before. The pictures were much smaller in size, so I became suspicious.

I did a search for the image and discovered that the fire had taken place in Mexico in 2010. I then started looking for it from the pictures he sent me. That's how I got to your site.

He didn't ask me for money because he didn't have time. I blocked it. On Linkedin I commented on his profile and I put the link to this site. As a result, he deleted his account there.

I only have the phone number that is located in Beauchamp Texas +1(409)794-6081. He told me the same things, he declared his eternal love. He told me he wanted us to get married. Having the information from you, I agreed. I set the wedding date for December 4th. Then I asked him if he was a time traveler (I was actually referring to the fire that had taken place in Mexico 2010, and he had told me that it had taken place on 10.09.2020).

He did not understand the term timetravel. That's how I ended up blocking him. I'm sorry he deleted his Linked account quickly because not many people read my comment. I identified 8 women he had contacted.

I'm glad you exist and I hope you identify as many crooks as possible.

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