Robert O'Sulllivan

by Anonymous

Has anyone heard of Robert O'Sullivan? Using the Zoosk dating site, he comes across as a normal guy. Then the "let me tell you all about me". Yup--a HUGE synopsis all about where he was born, what he does, where he lives, blah blah blah.

Continually RAVES about what he owns, how much money he has. Wants to use Hangouts (haven't we heard this one before). Oh but his "camera doesn't work on his computer because it's a Lenovo and it's "old". I asked him to use his phone and he says that itself is 7 years old and it's a "palmtop nokia 9500 phone".

When I asked him why he's using such outdated equipment he tells me it's because "I am an old fashion guy". I said "well with ALL the money you have it'd make more sense to get updated on things. And don't you video chat with your daughter and granddaughters?".

He replied "No I talk on the phone to them I don' video chat". ANY grandparent would know if you are able to, YOU VIDEO CHAT WITH YOUR GRANDKIDS. He said no because the prices are outrageous. BS!!!

Supposedly he had a meeting with the "Arabs" regarding some "gold dust" he mined quite some time ago, and "supposedly" they negotiated for an agreed upon price of $41,250,000.00.

Then it's "I"m staying in Miami till Friday for them to "get back to me according to them". And then I'l go to Orlando to visit with my daughter and granddaughter's and be back by Tuesday. Oh I can just fly to you instead of Beverly Hills". Does this IDIOT know that there is NO airport in Beverly Hills?

And the ultimate "I want to make you my queen". As I was told, these guys are able to steal the pictures of others, but when you ask for them to take new, or of the sites they're visiting, somehow there's either no reply or it's "oh my camera's not working for me to load onto my computer". YEAH RIGHT.

Just giving you all a head's up so BEWARE OF THIS GUY!!!!! It's almost laughable how STUPID he is, and the first clue?


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